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TV Tonight: Previews of ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ & ‘Twisted’

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Hanna faces the police on Pretty Little Liars while Danny, Jo, and Lacey hunt for Regina’s murderer on Twisted
In tonight’s new episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Under the Gun,” Hanna is force to explain herself to her parents and the Rosewood Police Department when she’s found with the gun on her. Mona also has some explaining to do when she shares a secret of Spencer’s that ends up hurting everyone. Later, Emily tries to help Hanna, but “A” manages to turn the tables on her. And when Aria helps a friend of Mike’s, he suddenly gets the wrong impression of her and her intentions.

Meanwhile, Shana keeps running into the girls at the most random of places. Spencer and Toby decide to do some investigating about Ali’s mysterious phone number and discover a place called Ravenswood, which is quite unlike any other place they’ve ever seen.

Pretty Little Liars airs at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

Later on Twisted, Danny, Jo, and Lacey follow evidence in Regina’s murder to Connecticut without cluing their parents in on their adventure. The trip may not go so smoothly seeing as Jo and Lacey are fighting and Danny is forced to try and be their peacemaker. This isn’t Danny’s only problem; he’s violating his probation by crossing statelines. When Kyle learns the teenagers have disappeared, he’s determined to find them while Tess and Karen reconnect.

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