ABC Family to Air ‘Twisted’ Recap Special ‘Twisted: Socio Studies 101’

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Calling all Twisted fans: ABC Family will air a recap special narrated by Ashton Moio.

Beginning with Danny’s return to Green Grove after spending five years in a juvenile detention center and the horrific murder of Regina that followed shortly after his release, ‘Twisted: Socio Studies 101’ will give viewers an in-depth look back at the pivotal moments of Twisted’s freshman season. Upon his return, Danny was branded a “socio” by non-other than his current secret girlfriend, Lacey.

Throughout the season he has reconnected with his past and focused on moving toward his future. When Regina was murdered, all evidenced pointed to Danny, creating a complex mix of twists and turns that viewers have followed the entire season.

‘Twisted: Socio Studies 101’ will be narrated by Ashton Moio, who plays Rico, Jo’s best friend, who is also secretly in love with her. Will he bring viewers new insights to some of the season’s biggest mysteries?

ABC Family’s recap special will air Tuesday, August 20 at 8:00 pm ET/PT.