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General Hospital Preview: August 5, 2013 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Connie struggles with whether or not to use Ava’s secret as a headline. Also: AJ revels in his win at ELQ, but will his celebrations be short-lived? Get a sneak peek of what’s to come in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of August 5, 2013.

Editor’s Note:As previously mentioned, you’ll notice a change in the way we present our weekly previews. The goal of our previews is to entice you, the fans, into watching the show, not give you the story ahead of time. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about our new direction, feel free to email me at editor [at] Our “Link Only” policy remains in effect.

General Hospital Preview: Sometimes being front page news isn’t such a good thing.  

  • Connie is torn about breaking the news of Ava’s secret because it would disrupt the lives of so many she cares about in Port Charles. What story will go to press? 
  • Will AJ and Liz finally spend the night together?
  • Alexis comes face-to-face with Derek. Are those butterflies she’s feeling?
  • Port Charles wakes up to big front page news and everybody’s reading it. Whose lives will be affected by what Connie chooses to print?
  • Morgan prods Kiki to be honest about her love for him. Does she return his sentiments?
  • Scott bargains for Lucy to get more money for Deception. Will promising to vote with Tracy regarding ELQ send dollar bills his way?
  • Silas is closer than to ever discovering Ava’s DNA test results. Will she be able to withhold them from him one more time?
  • A physical confrontation shocks everyone.
  • Luke heads to Ireland in hopes of a cure. Will he find one?

Source Look Ahead: August 12, 2013

Obrecht’s plan begins to go awry. Will the truth be revealed? Or will it come at the cost of someone’s life?

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