‘Under the Dome’ Preview: Fight Club comes to Chester’s Mill

The first rule of fight club…we all know how the saying goes and it looks Chester’s Mill is about to experience a new form of entertainment on the next episode of Under the Dome.

In “Let the Games Begin,” Maxine (Natalie Zea) decides that being trapped under a dome isn’t all that interesting since there are no phones, no internet and no televisions so her solution is a form of live entertainment. Barbie (Mike Vogel) is not at all enthused by her plan, but there’s not much he can do about it.

As we learned last week, Max has Barbie under her thumb since she knows the truth – he killed Julia’s (Rachelle Lefevre) husband and buried him in an unmarked grave. Obviously, Barbie doesn’t want that to get out, but it might be too late because Julia uncovers the truth about her husband’s disappearance. Will Barbie be able to explain himself?

Elsewhere, Dodee (Jolene Purdy) stumbles upon the egg and mini dome in the barn and has quite a reaction to it. Could she be the fourth hand or is the egg making it clear that she should not be anywhere near it?

Under the Dome airs Monday, Aug. 26 at 10/9c on CBS.