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‘Suits’ Review: ‘The Other Time’ When Harvey and Donna…


Last night, Suits continued its tradition of making the most of its flashback episodes. “The Other Time” took us back 10 years to when Harvey was still working in the DA’s office and Mike was in college. To say we learned a lot about their characters and the paths they ended up taking would be a severe understatement. The entire episode was like being on a roller coaster in the BEST possible ways.

Normally at this point, I would recap the episode with some comments on the storylines, but that is not going to happen this week because OMG, HARVEY AND DONNA!!!!

But before I lose all semblance of professionalism, here are some important things from the episode:

We got to meet Harvey’s dad (and see Harvey with a baseball bat…go ahead and take a moment to wipe the drool from your screens). It was an interesting dynamic to see Harvey with his dad and Harvey with Cameron back then, when the older man had a fatherly role in his life. But as we already knew, Cameron is the worst. He was doing some shady things and attempted to drag Harvey down with him, but Harvey quit and then went to work for Jessica.

Speaking of Jessica, in the present, she put Harvey’s name on the wall just like she’d promised she would. Harvey was still struggling with what to do and finally, he told Jessica that he’d stolen her tactic of coming for someone in the night. He told her everything, including that he didn’t want to be managing partner anymore. But it was too late. Jessica was furious and wanted nothing to do with him. Admittedly, I’m torn on this one. They’ve both screwed up and I want them to get past it, but Jessica has a right to be angry just like Harvey did at the end of last season.

Another thing we learned, when something big happens to Harvey like getting his name on the wall or being the only associate allowed to have a secretary (how awesome was Donna meeting Louis?), Louis needs to take a day.

Mike’s corner of the flashback went back to his college days when he was rooming with Trevor (ugh, this guy). Mike got accepted to Harvard and was rocking the whole being an awesome student thing, but he was also smoking pot and friends with Trevor. So after he lost big at a poker game, Mike agreed to help Trevor sell answers to a test, but they got caught (of course they did). After a talk with his grandma (how fun was it to see her again?), Mike pled his case to the professor to protect Trevor.

But oops, it turns out the professor’s daughter was the one who they sold the test to. The professor was being forced to resign and his last act was to take Mike down with him. He expelled him and made sure Harvard knew that Mike Ross was a liar and a cheater. He’s also a complete moron. Don’t get me wrong; I like Mike, but it’s really hard for me to feel bad for someone who has thrown away every chance he’s ever been given…and for Trevor. In the present, Mike realized that he has to respect Rachel’s college choices and they made up (still don’t care).

Finally, one more piece of information before we get to the good stuff: Stephen sucks. Oh, we knew that already? Right, but he somehow screwed up the Ava Hessington (take a shot) case and gave Cameron ammunition that he is now going to use to screw Harvey and Mike over after everything was almost over. That’s going to be the focus of next week’s episode, but that’s not important right now.

HARVEY AND DONNA, people. Remember that time Donna told Rachel that nothing had ever happened between her and Harvey? It was a lie because not only did something happen, but something happened that involved whipped cream! Before I turn this over to the gifs so we can all fangirl/boy on the cloud of happiness together, a brief recap.

Donna was Harvey’s secretary and he totally wanted it to be more; he was constantly flirting with her and making innuendos, which included a whipped cream ritual that he had to draw because it was too dirty to say. But Donna had a thing where she would not get involved with people she worked with. Once Harvey quit and Donna quit, that was out the window and he went to her apartment where she was waiting with whipped cream.

When Harvey went to work for Jessica, he wanted Donna to go with him so they agreed to never talk about their night together and that’s what led to the Harvey and Donna we know and love today. We also got to see the first appearance of the can opener when they decide they needed a new ritual, but we still don’t know what they do with it.

In the present, Harvey admitted to Donna that seeing her with Stephen bothers him (!!!!), but Donna pointed out that while she’s happy he was honest, it doesn’t change the fact that she needs to live her life. WHY ARE THESE TWO TRYING TO KILL ME? JUST LOVE EACH OTHER, OKAY?

So what do you guys think? Best episode ever or best episode ever?

Mandy Treccia
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  1. Hahaha, I know exactly how you feel. HARVEY AND DONNA!!!!!!!!

  2. I am still flailing over harvey and donna, who cares about the rest of the episode! how am I supposed to care about ava if michelle fairley is not there?
    also, harvey and donna! and whipped cream! and flirting! and ust!
    i really hate them

  3. Thanks for reading!

  4. u know what? some fans really care about Mike and Rachel . ur review kinda sucks

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