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‘Suits’ Review: Things take an unexpected turn in ‘She’s Mine’


It’s official: after last night’s episode of Suits, ‘the Ava Hessington case’ is no longer a four-letter word. While “She’s Mine” took a lot of time to get to the point, the last 10 minutes of the episode were everything and then some when we finally learned the truth behind the case.

The episode began with Donna and Stephen on a date, sharing a piano bench and gazing at each other in a way that showed Donna had fallen a lot harder for the lawyer than she’d expected. Enter Harvey, who requests a few moments alone with Stephen. He’s furious that Stephen’s phone call to the witness put Cameron on his trail and made things more difficult. Harvey once again tells Stephen to stay out of his case or he’s going to beat the sh*t out of him.

Donna finds herself caught in the middle and has a tense conversation with Stephen in the file room, reminding him that if he messes with Harvey, he messes with her (Queen Donna, ladies and gentlemen). But Stephen is quick to add a little charm and remind Donna that they’re separating work and pleasure and she has nothing to worry about (ugh, you’re the worst, Stephen).

Cameron brings the witness forward and he claims to have had a phone conversation with Ava that was basically her ordering the hit. The lady denies it, but he’s pretty insistent, which infuriates Jessica. She points out that their defense strategy has gone out the window thanks to the new witness. But Jessica, Harvey and Mike remain determined to find a way to win the case without involving any of the British lawyers.

In a brilliant scene, Mike goes to see Cameron and acts over the top pushy and cocky, which of course reminds the prosecutor of Harvey. Cameron goes off on Mike about how his tactics won’t work and Mike knocks all the papers off Cameron’s desk. Cameron continues to yell as Mike begins scooping them up, but the prosecutor doesn’t realize that this was Mike’s plan along. As he’s gathering the papers, he’s committing every word to memory. Well played, Mike.

While all of this is happening, Louis is upset when Nigel returns early and he has to give up the cat. But he refuses to do so and enlists Rachel’s help as his lawyer in a mock trial for custody of the cat. Admittedly, I was side eyeing these scenes pretty hard and wondering if the writers had collectively lost their minds because every minute felt like a complete waste of time and talent. Louis was trying to win custody of someone else’s cat. Just let that sink in for a moment…


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But the writers redeemed themselves not once, but twice. First, Rachel won the trial for Louis and Nigel wanted to make a counter offer. He’d get his cat back and Louis could have the associates. Louis was torn, but Rachel helped him see that the associates were what he really wanted. Louis added some words of wisdom from Spock, which I am not nerdy enough to remember and the associates were his once more. LOUIS GOT TO WIN ONE. This is all I’ve ever wanted for him.

The second silver lining from the scenes was seeing Rachel get to be a lawyer. Anyone who reads my reviews on a regular basis knows that I am not a fan of the character and it’s nothing against Meghan Markle. She is incredibly talented and unbelievably gorgeous, but Rachel bugs me. However, this week, she was awesome. I loved that she was so willing to help Louis and it was nice to see her get to shine. Louis being the one to give her the acceptance letter from Columbia was great too.

Harvey and Jessica had another one of their rooftop moments as the parallels between their relationship and Ava’s relationship with her number two once again weighed heavily on both of them. Jessica doesn’t seem as mad at Harvey, but I don’t think she’s quite reached the point where she’s ready to forgive him. It doesn’t matter though because they’re working on rebuilding their relationship and they both see know that Darby and his people are nothing but trouble.

Donna discovers that Stephen removed some pages from the deposition and she ends things with him, but she says she’s not going to tell Harvey. It proves a moot point because Mike has discovered something huge. He calls Donna, Harvey and Jessica together and shows them the proof that Stephen was the one who ordered the hit. Yes, you read that right: Stephen is the one behind everything and has framed Ava for it. A tearful Donna tells Harvey that she’s sorry and he looks at her for a moment and that’s all it takes.

Harvey finds Stephen in the men’s room and immediately punches him in the face. Stephen fights back, but Harvey is angrier and ends up slamming the other lawyer into the mirror.


Sure, a tiny part of his anger was probably connected to the case, but let’s be real, people. Harvey was defending Donna’s honor and I am still swooning over it. These two need to get together for real.

Now that we know just how much of a snake Stephen truly is, it’ll be interesting to see if Jessica can use this new leverage to get control of the firm back. I certainly hope so because I’d like to see all of these new characters ushered out the door before we get to the summer finale.

What did you guys think about the twist? Are you ready for Harvey and Jessica to make up? Are you excited Rachel will be staying in New York? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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  1. Just watched this episode and OMG I loved it! Especially loves the twist at the end!

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