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‘True Blood’ Recap: OMFG Moments from ‘Radioactive’

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True Blood closed out its sixth season on Sunday the same way it has done every year: The first half is dedicated to wrapping up the big bad storyline (in this case, Warlow) while the second half is reserved for setting up storylines for next season. This time, however, the show essentially reset itself. While it remains to be seen whether this is for better or worse, I’m glad to see the focus shift back towards the human-vampire dynamic. Now, let’s sink our teeth into the other major happenings in our True Blood recap for “Radioactive.”

Bill Loses His Powers

Helping the vampires escape the sun in the previous episode by feeding them his blood comes at a high price for Bill: his powers are no longer. Yes, the once god-like Billith is back to regular Bill. I for one am glad the show has grounded Bill again, making him the sympathetic vampire we once knew and loved.

Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

Warlow Is Defeated

After attending the funeral of her dear friend Terry, Sookie decides she doesn’t just want to become Warlow’s fairy-vampire bride – she wants him to take her on dates. However, Warlow is still furious about all that has been taken from him and decides he will unwillingly make her his bride. Luckily, Sookie is (once again) saved in the nick of time by Jason, Violet, Bill, Andy, and Adelaine after Adelaine uses her fairy powers to enter the portal. Just as things look bleak, Niall returns from the portal he was trapped in – allowing Warlow to finally be defeated. Although it’s a relief Warlow has finally been stopped it all seems too convenient and rushed. The buildup was so high only to let Warlow be staked within the first 20 minutes of the episode.

Eric Dies????

Once Warlow is defeated, a chain reaction is set that removes all of the vampires’ ability to still walk in the sun. While this occurs at night in Bon Temps leaving most of them safe, Eric is in Sweden where the sun is in full force. We were promised seeing Eric in a way we had never seen him before, and boy did we ever! It turns out Eric was reading completely naked as his powers left, giving us a clear shot of the goods as he seemingly meets the sun. Although hope seems bleak for our Nordic vampire, remember that Pam had left to look for Eric at the beginning of the finale. This could hopefully mean she was there to swoop in and save Eric at the last minute.

A Time Jump Brings Big Changes

Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

Six months have passed since the end of Warlow and Eric’s possible death. And, just like in real life, the passage of time also ushers in big changes. It turns out Bill is now a famous author, Sookie and Alcide are dating, Arlene now owns Merlotte’s (changing the name to Bellefleur’s) and Sam is now the mayor of Bon Temps. One of Sam’s acts as mayor is to have everyone in Bon Temps pair up with a vampire for protection. A party is held at Bellefleur’s where humans and vampires can interact and work out a deal. At the party, Tara and her mom seemingly put their differences behind them after her mother allows her to feed on her. Also at the party is Jessica who, after realizing Andy and his fairy daughter did not show up, arrives at their place and agrees to be their protector. Elsewhere, Jason and Violet are still in a relationship, with Violet still holding out on sleeping with Jason. Back at the party, Bill shows up and informs Sookie she needs a vampire protector – just as a new horde of dangerous vampires ascends upon Bon Temps.

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