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‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Buried’

Skyler White (Anna Gunn) and Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

The countdown to the end of AMC’s Breaking Bad has already begun, and we are now only seven episodes away from finding out the conclusion to one of television’s most gripping series. This week’s episode entitled “Buried” took the momentum that kicked off last week, and propelled it forward and a breakneck speed, leaving me utterly speechless as the episode faded to black.

Buried picked up right where the tension of the previous episode left off between Hank and Walt, however instead making their battle the central focus of the episode, the show decided in its place to put the emphasis on Skyler, having Hank immediately pick up his phone and call his sister-in-law and demand to see her.  Dean Norris knocked the confrontation scenes out of the park as he subtly tried to persuade Skyler around. Explaining how he was only there to help her and the kids out. But Skyler felt her whole world crumbling around her. Anna Gunn rose to the occasion shouting “Am I under arrest?” During which she showed more vulnerability than I ever expected to be shown from the character that was until a little bit later on.

After making her way home, Skyler is then greeted by her sister Marie. Marie tries to understand what happened, and it isn’t until she figures out that Skyler had known and could’ve prevented Hank from being shot that Marie finally unloads on her sister and gives a good ol fashion slap across the face. This was then followed up by Marie attempting to kidnap Skyler’s baby, but thankfully Hank ran in and calmed the situation down. He took Marie home and the two discussed where to go from here.

Meanwhile, Walt spent the episode covering his tracks, burying the money in the desert before returning home, where he passed out in front of Skyler, confirming her worst fear that the cancer had in fact returned. Once Walt awakens Skyler told him it is in their best interest to just stay quiet, that Hank only has his suspicions and no real proof that he is Heisenberg, so they need to act accordingly.

Jessie got picked up by the cops for essentially riding around in his car will all of his money and giving it all away. The episode ends with Hank going in to question Jessie, essentially setting up another game changing dynamic, that I cannot WAIT to see play out.

This show is so phenomenally well-paced. We are finally getting to see years’ worth of lies and story building imploding in on itself as the entire family dynamic explodes upon itself. Having Hank finally find out about Walt and then hit the ground running as he tries to take down his mortal enemy is a treasure to watch. This next episode will be really interesting to see play out as I have a feeling that Hank might be able to get Jessie onto his side, and how Walt will react to having his right hand man helping the other side will be a treasure to watch play out.

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