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‘Twisted’ Preview: Will Danny finally come clean? Who else has a secret to share?

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Everyone’s struggling whether or not to reveal secrets in Tuesday’s brand new episode of Twisted. 

In “The Truth Will Out,” Danny isn’t quite in the clear now that Karen has confessed to murdering Regina. The police may not be investigating him for a murder, but a major development in the investigation may cause Danny to be sent away from Green Grove forever. The investigation leads Danny and Kyle to working together while Jo and Lacey struggle with whether or not to reveal a major piece of evidence.

Meanwhile, Lacey’s father, Samuel, arrives in town with a major secret in tow. He’s not the only one keepig secrets. Danny contemplates coming clean to his friends with a secret of his own.

The video of Danny and Lacey together winds up in Rico’s hands. Will he release the video in hopes of getting Jo? Or will he keep it from getting out?

Click through the gallery below to check out photos from Tuesday’s brand new episode.

“The Truth Will Out” airs Tuesday at 9:00 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

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  1. She might really snap then

  2. I am looking forward to Danny coming clean to the girls, at least about the necklace. It would really affect their perception of him and that is a great thing. I do wonder how Rico comes across that gross invasion of privacy video of Danny and Lacey. I hope he does the right thing and makes sure he destroys it. If Jo gets to see it, i hope it ends there and she doesn’t throw an epic unwarranted fit and makes it all about her because i am really loving the bonding between the girls and want more so badly. I am intrigued about the dynamic between Danny and his mum and how her confession will affect it. I wonder what Danny would do to protect her. I am also excited to see how Danny coming clean will affect the newly budding romantic relationship between Danny and Lacey. Nothing like secret confessions to test a relationship.

  3. I agree with what Angelica said above – that they’ll tell Kyle about the apartment. That’s a huge piece of evidence that needs to come out. It’ll be interesting to see Karen’s reaction to it as well.

  4. I know! So excited!

  5. Oh, good speculation on the necklace! It’ll be really interesting to find out how he ended up with it. Like you said, it does not look good for him. That’s one thing I keep coming back to with him.

  6. I’m really excited to meet more of Lacey’s family. I feel like we know Jo and Danny’s so well and hers is still on the outside a bit.

  7. 1) I think that Danny will tell the girls that he had the necklace before… it was discarded. I think that’s why in the promo they looked really mad at one point. Because truly, the fact that he had the necklace does not look good.
    2) Also, I really do think it is Doug who filmed the hook-up because he is a math-lete (?) and so is Rico, and apparently Rico is the first to discover the video.
    3) Lacey and Jo will most likely tell Chief Masterson about Vik’s apartment; in a sneak peek for this episode though, it is Danny who implies he will tell CM about it, hence “putting all his cards on the table”.
    I’m really excited about meeting Lacey’s dad and I hope he somehow ties into the plot. I think it would be so interesting! I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode! I am so obsessed with this show!

  8. Can’t wait to see this episode. Finally get to see more of Lacey’s family. This show has taken over my life. Great show. Wonder what Danny is hiding from the girls.

  9. Yay for Lacey’s family!

  10. Aww snap; so Doug is really the guy recording Dacey? Shame, shame. He’s too nice to release it though. He’ll probably hide it, carelessly. Danny and Kyle working together, bad partnering there. Lacey and Jo will tell about Vik’s apartment to whom though?

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