‘Under the Dome’ Preview: ‘Imperfect Circles’ bring a baby and another death to Chester’s Mill

Last week on Under the Dome, Julia proposed an interesting theory about the mysterious dome surrounding Chester’s Mill. What if the dome was trying to help the residents as opposed to hurting them? It did save them for a nuclear bomb and gave them rain when the riots got out of control.

In the next episode, “Imperfect Circles,” the dome shows off a new power. It accelerates the birth of a baby, which seems like a good thing, but then there’s an unexpected consequence when another resident dies. But is that the work of the dome or a person?

Big Jim is not happy when his authority is questioned and we’ve all see what happens to the man’s enemies. Will Ollie be the next on the hit list after he keeps pushing Big Jim’s buttons?

Under the Dome airs Monday, Aug. 5 at 10/9c on CBS.