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‘General Hospital’ Preview: September 16 Edition

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Next week on General HospitalAva begins to put her plans for Sonny in motion. Silas wants to take things to another level with Sam after he gives her some news on Danny. Also: Derek plays a dangerous game as he crosses paths with Duke and Anna. Get a sneak peek of what happens in Port Charles with our GH previews for the week of Sept. 16.

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General Hospital Preview: The Edge of Sanity

  • Ava wants Sonny to host a party for Morgan and Kiki, but he doesn’t think it’s the right time. When he loses his temper, Sonny remembers something Ava said about his meds.
  • Sam urges Alexis to take a chance with Derek, but Alexis isn’t quite ready to declare herself Team Silas.
  • Derek considers giving Duke a job and later tells Alexis that all of his plans are on track, but the lady lawyer is unaware of the hidden meaning in the statement.
  • Kiki and Morgan are evicted from the boat house. Later, Kiki convinces Michael to come to their wedding party, pointing out how much it would mean to Morgan.
  • Britt lies when Nik asks her where she’s staying and claims to still be living with Felix and Sabrina. Speaking of Sabrina, an old ‘friend’ arrives in Port Charles and starts asking about her.
  • Ava busts Morgan for using her credit card to rack up gambling debt, but promises to keep his secret. However, she warns him that he will owe her one in the future.
  • During his toast at the wedding party, Sonny loses it once more and reveals too much information. Is this part of Ava’s plan?
  • An explosion rocks Port Charles and [spoiler] congratulates [spoiler] on a job well done.

For more on what happens next week, watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC, weeknights on SOAPnet and anytime on and the Watch ABC App.

Source Look Ahead: Sept. 23 Edition
Sonny completely loses control at the party. Lulu and Dante have a rough night with baby Connie. Patrick walks in on Sabrina and a shirtless Carlos.


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