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General Hospital Preview: September 23 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Sonny’s behavior is cause for concern with Carly. Though is Derek capitalizing on a distracted Sonny, might he too fall prey to distraction as his interest in Alexis and Sam grows? As Dante and Lulu prepare for baby Connie’s christening, Maxie and Spinelli struggle with the weight of their decision…and unwillingness to do correct it. Get a sneak peek of what happens in Port Charles next week in our General Hospital preview for September 23, 2013.

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General Hospital Preview: End Summertime Sadness, Beginning of the Fall fall.

  • The tension between Spinelli and Maxie reaches new heights ahead of baby Connie’s christening. As Maxie seeks guidance from a higher power, Spinelli can’t help but be envious Dante and Lulu.
  • Sonny continues his descent into a mania as he still reels from Connie’s death. Concerned for Sonny’s well-being, Carly confronts her ex-husband about his behavior and makes a damning accusation. Will Carly be able to get through to her former love?
  • Dante and Lulu power through a tough night with baby Connie. Later, christening for their baby begins.
  • Sam and Silas’ date doesn’t get off to a good start. As Silas opens up about his life, Sam can’t help but wonder about his past with Ava. Why did Silas and Ava’s relationship come to an end? Why did Ava go through such lengths to keep Kiki from him?
  • Shawn is overcome with jealousy and uneasiness after witnessing a flirtatious exchange between Alexis and Derek. Does Shawn regret choosing the business over Alexis?
  • Nikolas’ concern for Britt and baby Ben wins him cool points with her. Britt’s never encountered someone like Nikolas before. Could this friendship develop into something more? Or is it too soon for such talk. You never know.
  • Carlos’ arrival in Port Charles could majorly disrupt Sabrina’s relationship with Patrick. Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he’s there to win her back.

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