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‘General Hospital’ Preview: September 9 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Britt goes into labor and in true soap fashion – there are some complications. Olivia wants to keep news of the murder trial away from a fragile Sonny, but that’s easier said than done. Also: When her plans start to go south, Ava devises a new scheme to make sure she and Julian get what they want. Get a sneak peek of what happens in Port Charles with our GH previews for the week of Sept. 9.

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General Hospital Preview: Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

  • It’s time to clean house at the Quatermaine mansion. Who’s getting evicted and who’s pushing the unwelcome people out the door? Perhaps more importantly, whose doorstep(s) will they end up on next?
  • Complications arise once Britt gives birth to her son – which doctor is charged with saving the baby’s life?
  • As Sonny continues on a downward spiral, Olivia tries to keep AJ’s ‘not guilty’ plea off his radar, but her efforts go out the window when Sonny’s confronted by reporters. How will the mobster react to the news that Diane is blaming him for Connie’s death?
  • Monica is not happy when AJ admits that he might have killed Connie in a drunken blackout. She reminds her son everything that she sacrificed for him and this is before a new consequence rears its ugly head.
  • Friends and family commemorate Jason’s birthday in their own ways. Who celebrates with Franco? Better question: who is watching the celebration?
  • Once Ava loses her leverage over Franco, she tells Julian that they need to step up their plan. What’s the next step? Ava attempts bonding with [spoiler].
  • Sam and Alexis keep watch over Danny after the bone marrow transplant.
  • What’s happening at the pier?

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Source Look Ahead: Sept. 16 Edition
Ava decides to throw a party for Kiki and Morgan. Someone is missing the day of Connie’s burial and a new Port Charles visitor is looking for Sabrina.


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