‘General Hospital’ Promo: Dante & Lulu Learn the Truth; Robin Returns!

Photo Credit: ABC

It’s the reveal and return General Hospital fans have been waiting for! Dante and Lulu learn the truth about their baby! But that’s not all! Emmy winner Kimberly McCullough returns as Dr. Robin Scorpio! Check out the new General Hospital promo: “The Wait is Over”.

The wait is over! What will Dante and Lulu do when they learn the daughter they’ve thought was theirs for months, really belongs to Maxie and Spinelli? All hell will break loose. It’s a week you can’t miss!

If you’re unable to watch the above promo, we’ve made it available on our new YouTube channel.



  1. Agree with you we be wait for months truth to come out about both baby story finally still writers drag story so long it get boring and suck real don’t care now.I want to see Robin and Elizabeth story now.

  2. Drag out baby story so long real care now they should wrap up really still drag some more again tried of this now. Dante and Lulu need to notice Britt have they Baby tried this story too drag out this too wrap up and move on really.Robin back interest her too.And where is Elizabeth story more interest her too.

  3. Terrific. We get a month of Robin fighting for her lived one’s while we get to see Patrick tell Princess Perfect how wonderful her needy butt is. No thanks.

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