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‘Suits’ Review: ‘Endgame’ brings welcome changes at Pearson Darby and Specter


Last night, Suits picked up right where last week’s left off after Harvey finished giving Stephen the epic bathroom beat down he deserved. As Donna patched him up, she asked Harvey to promise her that they were going to get him. Harvey assured her they would and he more than followed through on the promise.

While “Endgame” did revolve around the Ava Hessington case, the episode gave us so much more than that. Firm politics have shifted once again and Jessica finally realizes that Harvey was right and it had been a mistake to merge with Darby’s firm. Even better than that, Jessica realized that it was time to forgive Harvey and start working together so they could take back what was theirs.

The first order of business was letting Darby know that they’d discovered just how truly terrible Stephen was. Darby already knew that (was anyone surprised by this?), but he was still determined to help Ava so he wanted to go along with whatever Harvey and Jessica wanted. Donna had the pleasure of telling Stephen that he was fired and Darby had signed the pink slip himself.

But that was hardly the end. Harvey wanted to make a deal with Cameron to give him the real murderer, but he wasn’t ready to come right out and cough up Stephen’s name. Cameron assumed it was another game and more or less blew Harvey off, which led to the lawyer calling Stephen to the stand. Harvey wanted Cameron to put the pieces together himself, but all Stephen did was throw Ava under the bus and Cameron made it look like it was just a ploy to ensure reasonable doubt.

Ava was not happy when she was clued into the truth and responded by giving Darby a well-deserved slap. After that, Harvey and Jessica came up with another plan: Darby would sacrifice himself and testify against Stephen to prove Ava’s innocence. Harvey took the deal to Cameron and implored him to focus on putting a real murderer away and prove that he was the man he thought he was. Cameron agreed.

The lawyers sat down to finalize the deal and Darby was shocked to see that it included banning him from practicing law in the U.S. Jessica, Harvey and Mike were all too happy to point out that they’d added that to the clause and it was too late for him to back out (how awesome was that moment?). Darby signed on the dotted line and once again, Donna got to be the one to stand there and watch as the FBI handcuffed Stephen and took him away.

Elsewhere, Louis made it his mission to ruin Harold’s life once again after the former associate testified against him in the mock trial. He started by making sure Harold knew that Mike had an opportunity to save his job and didn’t. Harold confronted Mike and Mike reminded him that he’d helped him find a new job and he was better off there. Louis continued to do whatever he could to crush Harold until Rachel stepped in and reminded Louis that he had a conscience.

For the second week in a row, I have to applaud the pairing of Rachel and Louis. We get to see Rachel in more of a lawyerly role, but also a friend, which Louis has desperately needed all along. It was also fun to see Louis screaming at the associates again because as terrible as that is, we all know he loves them and wants nothing more than to make them the best lawyers they can be. Rachel convinced him to let Harold have the win and Louis agreed, proving once more that he is awesome. Seeing Louis winning (even metaphorically) two weeks in a row has made me very happy.

But not as happy as I am that Harvey and Jessica are back on the same page. I’ve always liked Jessica up until last season’s finale and this season has been a mixed bag for me. It’s good to see that she not only acknowledged her mistake, but worked to right her wrong, which makes her coming out on top that much more satisfying. Watching her reteam with Harvey and Mike was awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing them take down what’s left of Darby’s influence over the next two episodes because we all know the battle is not quite over yet.

Speaking of awesome females, how great was Donna? It was so sad to see her genuinely hurt and to realize that she’d been completely wrong about someone she trusted so intimately. But Donna is not the type to wallow and she most certainly didn’t, even when Stephen tried to imply that the lawyers she loved and trusted were just as bad as he was (no one is as bad as you). Donna got the last laugh (and the best smirk) in her front row seat to watch Stephen’s world crumble and it was beyond satisfying.

What do you guys think? Are you happy the British invasion is almost over? Do you wish Donna had gotten to punch Stephen once or twice? How do you feel about the way Harvey and Jessica resolved things? Hit the comments and let us know!


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