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‘Castle’ Preview: Can Castle convince Beckett to believe their suspect is a time traveler?

ABC/Randy Holmes

Now that Beckett has been reinstated with the NYPD on Castle, it’s time for her and her fiancé to get back to solving cases together – just the way we like it.

The next episode, “Time Will Tell,” features the kind of case we assume Castle will be really excited to get involved in. Simon Doyle (Chuck’s Joshua Gomez) is the suspect in a grisly murder investigation. When Castle and Beckett track him down, he tells them that he’s traveled back in time to stop terrible events from unfolding.

But not just any events; according to Mr. Doyle, he has to stop the kind of events that will change the course of human history. That seems pretty intense, but is he deluded or telling the truth? We can guess which side Castle and Beckett will each take and the preview video confirms our suspicions.

Castle airs Monday, Oct. 21 at 10/9c on ABC.

Mandy Treccia
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