‘Hart of Dixie’ Preview: Can Wade and Lemon convince everyone they’re in love?

Robert Voets/The CW

Now that Wade and Lemon are pretending to be a couple on Hart of Dixie, the whole town seems to have something to say about their newfound love.

Of course not everyone believes the lies that they’re telling, including Zoe’s new love Joel. But that doesn’t stop Wade and Lemon from trying their hardest to sell the romance to their closest friends, family and every other nosy neighbor in Bluebell.

The CW has released two video previews for “Friends in Low Places.” In the first, we get a glimpse of Lavon, George and AnnaBeth’s reactions to the news and we also see that Wade might not be the best at going with the flow when Lemon surprises him with a kiss.

In the next preview, in addition to more of ‘Lemonade’s’ fake romance, we also get to see the morning after for George and Lynly. Since they don’t exchange names, he still has no idea that she’s Lavon’s cousin, but it looks like Lavon will learn of the tryst sooner, rather than later. Uh-oh…

Elsewhere in Bluebell, Lavon and AnnaBeth invite Zoe and Joel over for dinner so they can get to know her new beau better. Lemon meets Carter Covington (Ryan McPartlin), one of Alabama’s most eligible bachelors. Too bad everyone thinks she’s involved with Wade…

Hart of Dixie airs Monday, Oct. 14 at 8/7c on The CW.