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‘The Originals’ Review: Hurricane Rebekah Arrives and Klaus did what with Elijah!?

Bob Mahoney/The CW

After last week’s premiere, we had high hopes for tonight’s episode of The Originals and the show did not disappoint.

House of the Rising Son” left us picking our jaws up off the floor more than once as our flawless queen Rebekah came in like a wrecking ball to town and gave Hayley a history lesson in Mikaelson family business. But first, she stopped at a local bar to teach some of Marcel’s vampires a lesson in manners (Elijah would be so proud).

There were so many fantastic moments in this episode that we don’t even know where to start and we’re certainly not going to attempt to put them in order of which was the best because they were all the best. Seriously, we’re having a hard time remembering the last time we witnessed such a flawless hour of television.

the-originals-promo-rebekah-01Let’s start with Hayley. Are you guys warming up to her yet? We most certainly are and having Hayley and Rebekah bond more or less right off the bat was another step in the right direction. The exposition-y dialogue was a lot easier to take with Rebekah telling Hayley the story of her family since Hayley had her own vested interest, thanks to the baby that she’s carrying.

Speaking of the baby…Hayley decided that she would be better off killing her little wolf and headed off to the Quarter to buy some wolfs bane. Unfortunately, the witch selling it wanted to score some points and alerted Marcel’s army that there was a werewolf in town. Hayley was able to fight off one vampire and then Rebekah showed up to take care of the rest. We love that these two lonely girls have bonded so quickly because they each desperately need a friend.

While we’re on the subject of friends, let’s talk about Klaus and how he’s been cozying up to Marcel. Rebekah doesn’t like it, but after the incident with Hayley, Klaus confesses that he really does have a master plan to win Marcel’s trust. He’s planted a baby vampire that he’s compelled to report back to him and he’s compelled Cami to let Marcel take her on a date so that she can be his spy as well. But that’s not all he’s done: in order to show Marcel that he can trust him, Klaus gave Marcel Elijah’s body for safe keeping.

That deserves to be repeated: KLAUS GAVE ELIJAH TO MARCEL. Damnit, Klaus, what were you thinking? And holy plot twist, writers, that is completely and totally OMFG brilliant. Rebekah was outraged, naturally, and wanted to get Elijah back herself, but there was one little thing stopping her: she spotted her own coffin in the basement and didn’t want to end up there again. Luckily, her new BFF Hayley snatched the remaining daggers. Teamwork!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Before we talk about the present, let’s get into the flashback. First, we have to mention Elijah’s weird mullet wig. We’re pretty sure the costume department just trolls the actors and the fans at this point to find the most ridiculous hair pieces ever and we love them for it because the actors still manage to look gorgeous so it’s a good time. Anyway, back in the past New Orleans, the Originals siblings were chilling at the governor’s mansion and feasting on/making out with their respective love interests.

Rebekah aims high and falls for the governor’s son, but Klaus doesn’t like to share let his sister be happy and the poor guy ends up dead. At the funeral, the siblings witness the governor’s illegitimate son getting beat (he’s a slave) and Klaus, calling upon his own daddy issues, immediately kills the abuser and takes the boy in as his own, giving him a name (a long version of Marcel). It’s super cute seeing Klaus and Rebekah with their new ‘kid’, even if we are feeling a little creepy about what comes next…

Little Marcel has a crush on Rebekah and once he grows to the appropriate age, the feelings are returned. But here comes Klaus to ruin the day AGAIN. He’s not in favor of the pairing and daggers Rebekah to teach her a lesson – for 50+ years. When she wakes up, he explains that he gave Marcel a choice: he could take the dagger out of Rebekah or Klaus would give him what he’s been asking for and turn him into a vampire. Rebekah refuses to believe that Marcel would turn his back on her, but that’s exactly what he did. Poor Rebekah; why can’t this girl find love?

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Bob Mahoney/The CW

So present day Rebekah interrupts Marcel’s date with Cami and threatens to kill the bartender unless Marcel takes her to Elijah. He agrees, but first Davina has to invite her in and she doesn’t seem too thrilled. Rebekah makes a beeline for Elijah and starts to pull out his dagger, but Davina decides to toss her around first and then throws her out the window (this little bitch). Marcel tells Davina that he wants her to find a way to kill an Original (um sorry, no. Maybe you should check the title of the show, Sir).

Back at Casa Mikaelson, Klaus and Hayley have a strange little bonding session, but calm yourselves, shippers and anti-shippers. It was more of a moment of understanding than anything. They both are more attached to their magical miracle baby than they realized and they don’t want it to die. Of course now that they’ve realized that, it seems most likely that it will die or maybe it’s not even real in the first place? We don’t know, but we’re here for the journey.

Rebekah returns and fills Klaus in on Marcel’s secret weapon, but there’s one thing she’s drawing a blank on: where they were and where they have Elijah. It seems Davina erased part of her memory (Whoa!). Klaus and Rebekah are not amused that she’s the most powerful witch ever (what’s up with that?) and Rebekah makes it clear that she’s going to get Elijah back, whatever it takes. She asks Klaus if he’s going to help her and he replies, “Whatever it takes.”

Hell yes! That is the Mikaelson family we know and love. Yes, we hate that Elijah is in a box and hope he gets to come out soon (Hayley misses him too), but this episode was so completely mind blowing and awesome that we can live with that one little slight (for now). So…is it next Tuesday yet?

Feel free to hit the comments and tell us what you loved or hated (we know not everyone loves the same things we do for some odd reason) about the latest installment of The Originals.

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