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‘Scandal’ Review: ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend’

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I’m just going to start my thoughts about this week’s episode of Scandal by saying that Olivia Carolyn Pope needs the name of a good therapist and to stop kissing random men after drinking. (That’s actually a great life rule…but I digress). This week, Olivia Pope and Associates were working with a congressman accused of murder. He was a pervert, for sure, but the firm didn’t believe that he was a murderer.  But of course the case was only a subplot as the season continued adding layers to already complicated stories.

Let’s get into my best/worst moments from “Say Hello to My Little Friend.

Olivia has gone down the rabbit hole…

And I don’t blame her one bit for her rapidly deteriorating emotional stability. She is petrified of her father and the lengths he’ll go to in “defense of the republic.” If she buries her head in the sand far enough, she doesn’t have to deal with his horrendous actions or her scared inner 12-year-old. Look at the line, “I need to be a good girl. I need to go to Sunday dinners.” My jaw dropped when I heard that come out of her mouth.

She’s so off kilter she doesn’t even see how shady the congressman is with his sexting to multiple girls or even that his wife was the real killer! Where is my Olivia? “This is a woman who used to command a lot of respect in this town, her name along used to strike fear into peoples’ hearts. And now it’s close to becoming a punchline.”

This is where I yelled, ‘WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MY OLIVIA POPE???’ I wanted to punch the news anchors for saying this, but it’s unfortunately true. Liv has had so much egg on her face she could make 4700 omelets with the leftovers. I’m really REALLY hoping we’re reaching the absolute bottom of her self-doubt because I can’t take her losing, and struggling to pay bills, and being the almost punchline of D.C. much longer.

Triangle Update

Also, until Liv solidly back on her Prada pumps, I need her to take a timeout from dating. Chugging a bottle of wine and then kissing a guy does not a relationship make, especially if you choose to stop making out to answer the phone (because you know the love of your life is calling).

Also, Jake’s “More wine?” comment that was loud enough for Fitz to hear on the phone? Sir, I hope he knocks that smug look off your face and then makes out with Olivia in your apartment. You’ll have it on tape, so you can watch it over and over again.  Fitz realizing that it is Jake at Liv’s house, and then turning ice cold on the phone? Ouch. Fitz doesn’t lose his mind often, but when he does, it usually involves Olivia and other men. *starts the stopwatch*

Fitz and the Funeral

When Fitz makes the phone call and has the Navy pilot, Pete Foster, buried in Arlington with full military honors, I may have gotten choked up. Not only was this a beautifully shot scene, the choice to use Nina Simone’s “Wild Is the Wind” in the background was fabulous. I may take issue with storylines, but Shonda Rhimes ALWAYS nails the music on this show.

Tony Goldwyn has the best non-verbal acting cues. His salute off to the side, while watching his face falter, was telling about how bad Fitz feels. What about? I have no idea, but there is something huge brewing with “Operation Remington.” You know when Cyrus tells you to drop it; it can’t be good for anyone involved. Just a little side note, Fitz walked into Eli’s office with ALL the swagger. President Grant vs. the leader of the republic. Game. On.

Huck and Jake Bromance

I will admit I did root for Huck to shoot Jake in the parking garage initially, but the idea of Huck and Jake getting to the bottom of Operation Remington, while taking down Eli is more appealing. So I’m now here for the Jake and Huck bromance unfolding. I need them to help Olivia get her confidence back. I’ll even go as far as to say that as much I dislike Jake and Olivia as a couple, I am here for them being friends.  I’m serious. He can work at OPA, he can play spy with Huck, and do everything else he wants, except Olivia.

Quinn Needs to be Duct Taped

If Quinn doesn’t zip it, she needs to be banished to the hole. Harsh, but true. She is dangerously close to the Quinn of season one and I wanted her to trip into oncoming traffic that season. Spying on Huck at AA? Always lurking in the shadows watching him? Nope. Someone give her a job to do.  She’s like a bored toddler who just gets into trouble when she has all this free time.

Shout Outs

-Mouthy Mellie for her verbal diarrhea, although she’s still not as amazing as Drunk Mellie.  I need to see Drunk Mellie more this season.

-Cyrus saying, “No comment,” and James calling him a “bitch.” That I busted out laughing at.  Well done, Dan Bucatinsky for a great ad lib.

-David Rosen for finally winning at something and for that something meaning he’s getting laid by a ginger.

Kerry Washington for OWNING that gown, hair, and makeup in next week’s promo. Her walk alone reminded me of the real Olivia Pope from season one. (I’m also a sucker for a big group scene where everyone is dressed to the nines while having all the characters’ lives blow up). Next week should be fun…

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