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‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Is someone from Mystic Falls headed to New Orleans?

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From the moment it was announced that Klaus and his siblings would be moving to their own show, fans were left wondering how and when characters from The Vampire Diaries would show up on The Originals. Everyone assumed a crossover was inevitable, but how would it work and who would be the first character to make the journey?

It looks like we’re going to have our answer sooner than we expected. In a recent radio interview (go to the (9:20 mark), Daniella Pineda (Sophie) confirmed that a character would be crossing over in the next few episodes. But the actress could not reveal any other details as to who was heading for New Orleans.

We’re guessing a good portion of fans were hoping Caroline would be the first to make the jump, but that was shot down via TV Guide in a recent spoiler column. Stefan was another possibility given his history with the Original family and the same goes for Katherine. Maybe she’d turn to Elijah for help protecting her from Nadia and Silas.

But like Caroline, Stefan and Katherine both have a lot on their plates in Mystic Falls and none of them really fit into the story of what’s happening in New Orleans at the moment. However, there is one character who could fit in and whose absence from Mystic Falls might easily go unnoticed since he’s been MIA on and off since season two and that’s Tyler.

The hybrid made his first season five appearance last week when he arrived for Bonnie’s memorial and he’ll be back in tonight’s episode. But where has he been all this time? Supposedly, he’s been helping a werewolf pack. That seems pretty vague. What’s he helping them do and could this werewolf pack be connected to the wolf that has been saving Hayley in New Orleans?

While it doesn’t really make sense that Tyler would want to go anywhere near Klaus after everything he’s done to him, werewolves have always been Tyler’s priority and despite what Hayley has done in the past (getting the hybrids killed and indirectly playing a part in Klaus killing Tyler’s mom), Tyler is a good guy and he’s not the type to just stand by and let his people get hurt. Maybe he’s been helping Hayley’s family all along or maybe he’s just curious about why werewolves have been banned from the French Quarter.

We can understand why fans might prefer to see a crossover that has romantic potential, but we would much rather see something that adds to the story on both shows. If there is some sort of werewolf vs. vampire war building, each show could slowly raise the stakes until it makes sense for more characters to go back and forth between the two.

This would also give the writers an opportunity to mention Klaus’ history with Caroline on The Originals, something fans have been impatiently waiting for since the first episode. We’re guessing Tyler’s not happy about being sent away and a confrontation with Klaus might not be the wisest choice, but Tyler’s not the type who backs down from fights. Speaking of fights, this discovery from an eagle-eyed fan adds some weight to the theory. We know anyone can edit IMDB, but would someone really be crafty enough to think of adding this if it wasn’t true?

What do you guys think? Is Tyler heading to NOLA? Is he the right choice? Do you even want to see crossovers between the two shows this soon? Share your thoughts with us!

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