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The Young and the Restless Preview: October 21 Edition

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This week on The Young and the Restless, the fallout from Delia Abbott’s death resonates throughout Genoa City. Chloe makes her stance towards Billy clear – he will never attain the forgiveness he seeks. Meanwhile, Jack and Jill stand united as they put out a reward for information leading to the arrest of the hit-and-run driver. Will Adam do the right thing? Get a sneak peek at what happens in Genoa City our The Young and the Restless preview for the week of October 21, 2013.

The Young and the Restless Preview: Gift in Tragedy, Guilt in In-Action

Chloe, Billy and their respective families struggle in the aftermath of Delia’s death. A chance run-in leads Chloe to reconsider her stance on donating her daughter’s organs, and it’s a decision that could help Chelsea and Adam’s situation with Connor. Adam seeks help from a higher power and vows to do the right thing if his son is saved. Will Adam confess that he was the driver who hit Delia? One never knows when it comes to Newmans and vows…after all, he is the son of Victor Newman.

Monday 10/21 – Surprising evidence troubles Paul, while Adam and Chelsea determine a course of action to help Connor.

Tuesday 10/22 –Sharon urges Dylan to fight for Avery.

Wednesday 10/23 – Jack reaches out to Jill.

Thursday 10/24 – Devon’s announcement shocks Genoa City, while Michael’s hearing takes a shocking turn.

Friday 10/15 – Eileen Davidson returns as Ashley Abbott.


Robert Craighead appears as Judge Wayne on Thursday 10/24

Eileen Davidson returns as Ashley Abbott on Friday 10/25/13, Monday 10/18/13 and Tuesday 10/29/13.

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  1. So seriously sick of this past year of incredibly boring stories with Chelsea and her over fertile womb and Avery and her Betty Crocker oven and who she loves or doesn’t love. The Rose story was insanely stupid. What a waste for a wonderful character Neil. So tired of Summer and her wishing she could have sex with her brother not brother maybe brother creepy Kyle! Im fast forwarding or just not watching Y&R because of this horrific death of a child story but Can’t wait for it to come out Sharon and Dylan are half siblings with the same father Im looking forward how they are going to have Sharons real dad come to GC in January. It said in the magazine and it said it will effect Nikki and Dylan and Doris. We all knew Sharon and Dylan have the same father. Nikki and Doris must of been attacked by the same man years ago .FAITH LOVED DYLAN LIKE HE WAS HER UNCLE WHEN THEY BROUGHT HIM ON AND SHARON AND DYLAN HAD MATCHING ST CHRISTOPHER PENDENTS ON IN MARCH . AWESOME CAN’T WAIT. Maybe we can have better stories now and please we need the return of Victoria Rowell as Drucilla now and keep Eileen Davidson as Ashley on permanently. Last please time for Sharon to be happy and in a relationship.

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