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‘Arrow’ Preview: 7 Teasers from ‘League of Assassins’

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Last week’s episode of Arrow, which revealed the Black Canary to be Sara Lance, was one of our favorites of the series so far and we were pretty excited when an advanced screener of “League of Assassins” showed up on our doorstep. We are happy to report that the episode was an excellent follow up to last week’s outing and dare we say that it was even better?

When the episode begins, Sara is staying with Oliver at the Queen mansion. She’s still not ready to tell her family that she’s alive because she’s not the same person she was when she left Starling City on that fateful yacht trip. As Oliver tries to encourage her to tell the truth, someone from the league breaks into the house and the three get into a scuffle, which leads to Oliver having even more questions for Sara.

Obviously we can’t spoil too much about the episode or our friends at The CW will be angry with us, but check out the following seven teasers and trust us when we say that this episode is definitely worth tuning in for.

1. Sara is introduced to Team Arrow and Felicity immediately has one of her trademark comments for the not-so-dead woman. Sara’s response makes us love her even more.

2. We get some background on the League of Assassins from Sara, but another person has heard of them as well. Look for a familiar name to be dropped early in the episode.

3. Remember that awesome fight sequence last week when Arrow and Canary took on the arms’ dealers? There are more adrenaline-filled scenes in this episode and we’re not just talking about what happens in the opening.

4. Oliver isn’t happy when Laurel joins the prosecution on Moira’s case and he lets her know it. But Laurel has a surprising response for him.

5. Sara and Oliver are not the only people targeted by the league in the episode. Protecting those targets is easier said than done, but it leads to great scenes between [spoiler] and [spoiler] as well as [spoiler] and [spoiler].

6. Unless your heart is made of stone, have some tissues handy because there was one moment that had us sobbing.

7. Someone goes in for a kiss and let’s just say that the result is definitely not what anyone was expecting.

Arrow airs Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

Mandy Treccia
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