General Hospital Preview: November 11 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sonny’s declaration leads to another surprising announcement. A surprising couple will make love and the custody battle for baby Connie begins! Get a sneak peek at what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of November 11, 2013.

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General Hospital Preview: The First Cut Isn’t Always the Deepest

Derek drops a huge bombshell and exposes Sonny’s plans to kill him!

Sam reels for Derek’s announcement. Later, Sam races home with Silas in tow, fearing for Danny’s safety. Will Silas be the calming presence she needs? Could a passionate kiss lead to something more>

The battle for custody of baby Connie takes an ugly turn. Alexis calls Elizabeth to the stand and later goes for the jugular while questioning Maxie. Will the narrative Alexis has crafted be too much for Spinelli and Maxie to overcome? Later, Maxie is out for revenge.

As Carly and Franco try to figure out whatever the thing between them is, she reassures him that what she does feel is not pity. By nights end, an act will happen that’s either a terrible mistake or the start of something new and more complicated.

Scott worries his newfound scandal and ties to Franco could derail his political plans. He might have more to worry about when Derek/Julian makes his presence known.

Luke and Tracy’s visit to General Hospital gives Robin the opportunity she needs to manufacture Jerry’s cure. An emotional moment occurs when Robin returns to the lab where she calls her last moments with Patrick.

Michael and Morgan’s have a dangerous showdown.

Robert and Anna enact their escape plan!

Devastated by Morgan’s betrayal, Sonny seeks comfort with Olivia. Can she resist the temptation?

Carlos continues his attempt to reach Sabrina. Later, an unexpected run-in could change everything.

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The outcome of the custody hearing threatens the relationships of everyone involved. Faison’s last minute decision to change plans leads to a chain reaction of major events.