‘Hart of Dixie’ Midseason Finale Preview: Will ‘Miracles’ reunite Zoe and Wade?

Robert Voets/The CW

How is it possible that we’re only a few days away from the final Hart of Dixie episode of the year? We guess time must really fly in Bluebell because the midseason finale is already upon us. We’re super curious to see how Brick is going to handle the latest development in his life, but let’s be real. We need to talk about Zoe and Wade before we burst.

The CW released the first video preview for “Miracles” and Zoe and Wade are kissing! How did this happen? Are they getting back together? Are we totally getting ahead of ourselves? The answer to that last question is ‘most likely’, but that doesn’t stop us from being excited anyway. Midseason finales have always been good for Wade and Zoe fans and it seems like season three plans to continue that tradition (please don’t let us down, show).

But there is more to the show than just Zoe and Wade and we’re definitely curious what’s going on with Shelby and Brick. How could she keep her pregnancy from him? The story of what happened between them is still a little fuzzy and we’re hoping this episode gives us more insight as to why he left her. Was it because of the way she acted when he was sick? Or was it something else? We need details and we’re pretty sure Lemon is going to demand them from everyone involved and we can’t wait.

In the meantime, check out the video and the hit the comments and share your thoughts with us.

Hart of Dixie airs Monday, Nov. 25 at 8/7c on The CW.