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‘Real Housewives of Miami’ and ‘Beverly Hills’ Battle Royale

Pictured: (l) Adriana De Moura, (r) Joanna Krupa; Credits: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo. Inset: Yolanda Foster, Brandi Glanville; Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

We don’t usually cover Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise at TVSource Magazine, even though our editor @SourceRyan lifted the “no reality TV” rule earlier this year. In part, it’s because it seemed impossible to recap all of the drama, fighting and snark featured in each episode. Also, the show is “reality” so we’re dealing with real people, not characters we can mock and rip apart at our pleasure (and their fans are inane). However, I could not pass up the heavy-duty drama that occurred during last night’s shows.

Last night was the Real Housewives of Miami’s reunion. So let’s set up the scenario for you. Currently most of these women are not getting along, but Joanna Krupa took it upon herself to attack the infertility issues of her costar, Lisa Hochstein. Joanna felt the need to “educate” Lisa by explaining that she could get pregnant if she didn’t drink so much. Lisa, having gone through multiple miscarriages at this point and failed IVF attempts, is hurt and crying. Does Joanna cry for her friend? No she evilly smirks and keeps saying to put the alcohol down.

Lea Black, self-proclaimed “Mayor of Miami,” remains completely silent as Lisa cries, and Joanna snickers at her costar’s tears. Lea normally always has something to say so it was awkward to see her sit there completely shocked and not defending her friend Lisa. Alexia Echevarria sat there dumbfounded and also shocked at Joanna’s insulting commentary. Adriana de Moura spoke up and began a character assassination of Krupa in an attempt to help the emotionally struggling Lisa.

And so this is where it gets juicy kids! Adriana throws out the rumors that have been rumbling for some time that Joanna Krupa was the reason behind another housewife’s divorce.  The housewife in question is from another franchise: Yolanda Foster of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Adriana says that Brandi Glanville, also of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame, confided in her that Yolanda admitted that Joanna slept with her husband at that time, Mohamed Hadid. Oh snap! The gloves are off! Krupa quickly denies these rumors and asks to call Mohamed to prove her innocence. Yes because calling him while he is being filmed will definitely force him to tell the truth?!

Instead of going after Adriana, Krupa continues her attack on Lisa, having her make up artist attack the housewife while she is having her makeup reapplied backstage. Does Krupa call off her tacky employee for his behavior? No. She smiles, smirks, and laughs that he is going after her old friend. After Bravo producers ask the make up artist to leave, Krupa adds that if he leaves, she is gone too. If I were Joanna I would have asked him to leave, especially since her hair and makeup looked like shit. Also, if an employee ever spoke like that to other people at their workplace; they would be fired on the spot for being completely unprofessional.

So while even more B.S and fighting happened on that reunion, let’s cut to later on that night shall we. On Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live the special guest was Beverly Hill’s Brandi Glanville. When asked if the rumors about Joanna and Mohamed were true, Brandi confirmed that Joanna and Mohamed indeed had an affair! THIS JUST GOT GOOD! Apparently Yolanda confided in her and when at a Bravo party, Krupa approached them, the two quickly retreated for this very reason. Now was it Glanville’s business to air Yolanda’s personal confidence? I don’t think she should have, but it made for entertaining television.

Mohamed is maintaining his innocence on Twitter, declaring there never was an affair…during their marriage that is. Hahaha, he still has not said they did not have sex as I am writing this. Here are Mohamed’s comments:

Those are just some of the many tweets Mohamed, but Glanville maintained he was lying when he commented online, as she stated she heard it from his own mouth that he had relations with Krupa. When Krupa hurled a insult Glanville’s way, she added on the aftershow that Mohamed had stated that Krupa’s……. let’s just say her area down below is less than fresh. I won’t direct quote Brandi, but that was the clean version of what she said for you guys.

Today, the fallout has been fabulous and dramatic. Mohamed is furious at Brandi for spreading “lies,” Brandi is not regretting her statements but wants everyone to know she did not mean to hurt Yolanda. Yolanda is taking the classy road stating:

I bow down to this woman for at least trying to stay out of it, while still throwing out there that they might actually have had sex. My guess: They had sex, and Mohamed is trying to do a quick cover up for Joanna’s sake, as well as protecting Yolanda and the children. Brandi has no reason to lie, and Joanna has every reason to lie. Either way, true or false, it’s their business and hopefully Yolanda’s children can get past this. As far as Krupa, she is currently still hurling insulting tweets about Lisa tweeting articles about infertility, pretty much guaranteeing that she is the major villain of the Miami franchise. Oh the depths people will go for a season four to their low-rated show.

Catch all the drama on twitter and tweet us your thoughts or comment below on the issues!

Amanda Drago
Amanda Drago is a writer at TVSource Magazine. Also known as “Hot Mess Mandy”, she's fan of sarcasm and snark with a Bachelor’s Degree in handling the “cray” and a Masters in real talk. Huge fan of soaps, reality TV, and really any well written show that can handle her short attention span. Usually the trashier the show, the better. Follow her on Twitter at @HotMessMandy

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