‘Once Upon a Time’ Preview: Will the rescuers finally save Henry?

Things have been pretty bleak for Henry’s would-be rescuers on Once Upon a Time so far this season as they try to navigate Neverland, which is completely under Pan’s control. Now that Pan has Henry where he wants him after some help from his prisoner Wendy, can the group find him before it’s too late?

When we last saw Pan and Henry, the boy who doesn’t want to grow up had led Henry to a remote part of the island and explained that he was the one only one who could save magic (and Wendy’s life). “Think Lovely Thoughts” will give more insight into just what it is that Pan needs Henry to do and judging by the video preview, the act will cost Henry his life.

Neal is reunited with Wendy when the group finds her cage and she’s the one who warns them that for Pan to become immortal, Henry will have to die. But now that the group is whole again after they run into Regina and Rumple, are they strong enough to defeat Pan and find a way off the island?

As for the flashbacks, we’re going to learn more about Rumple’s childhood, his father and a magical item that he was told could give him a fresh start. Perhaps that item is Pandora’s Box?

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, Nov. 17 at 8/7c on ABC.