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General Hospital Preview: December 9 Edition

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Ellie (Emily Wilson) have big news for Maxie. Photo courtesy ABC

Robin and Maxie face different, yet equally as challenging situations in their personal lives. How will Maxie react when she learns Spinelli and Ellie’s news? Robin makes a strong play for Patrick. Also: The verdict is in! Will the jury find AJ guilty of murder? Get a preview of what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of December 9, 2013.

There are those who don’t have the luxury of being born into family. Sometimes, our family is what we make it. Some marry into one, some choose their own. These familial relationships are at the core of the drama this week on General Hospital. Sam, Spinelli, Maxie, Robin, Patrick, Dante, Lulu, Sonny and others find themselves in situations that will cause them to provide and/or seek advice, support, love and honesty. You’re in store for another great week of television. — OWN, Executive Editor

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General Hospital Preview: Starts with Goodbye
Robin and Maxie are in store for a difficult week ahead. Maxie learns of Ellie’s job offer and what that means for Spinelli and baby Connie. How will Maxie react to the news? Mac and Felicia are there to comfort Maxie in her hour of need. A compassionate gesture is made by week’s end.

Meanwhile, Robin is in her own personal storm. Aware of the reality that she returned to and the fight ahead, she isn’t ready to throw in the towel after fighting for two years. Robin pays a visit to Sabrina and makes a few things clear — while she’s grateful to Sabrina for taking care of Patrick and Emma in her absence, she’s back now, Patrick is her husband and she wants her family back. Robin asks Sabrina to do the right thing and break things off with Patrick. Will Sabrina honor Robin’s request?

Also This Week

  • Sam warns Carly that Julian might be looking into the identity of Lucas. Will they tell Bobbie?
  • Franco resorts to drastic measures to protect Carly! Tune in Tuesday for a gripping, final moment as the shocking truth is revealed about Heather!
  • A devastated Lulu breaks down and gets some surprisingly insightful advice from Carly about her troubles with Dante. Meanwhile, Sonny offers Dante his support and advice over what to do next. A moment of honesty could open the door to a resolution for our young lovers. Imagine their surprise when they learn something very important to their future is missing…
  • Felix is incensed when Sabrina tells him about her visit from Robin. What advice will he have for his friend?
  • AJ makes an emotional plea to the court. Will it be enough to turn the tide? The verdict is in…
  • Elizabeth wants answers from Nikolas about his relationship with Britt. Can he give her the answer when he doesn’t even truly know where he stands with Britt?
  • Dr. Kevin Collins reluctantly takes on a new patient – and is on the receiving end of a bombshell.
  • Former lovers seek comfort in each other’s arms and more!
  • Anna and Robert have a secret meeting.
  • Carlos is the target of Sonny and Shawn’s revenge against the Jeromes.
  • Patrick agonizes over the state of his personal life and seeks the counsel of an old friend.
  • Silas tries to get Sam into the Christmas spirit.
  • Sonny is on the receiving end of a compassionate overture; one that offers him a chance to make right what he missed out on in the past.

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Source Sneak Peek: December 16, 2013 Edition
Patrick finally comes to a decision. Will he choose Sabrina or Robin? Duke’s loyalty is tested. Someone makes startling confession. Ava and Morgan’s relationship grows deeper.

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