General Hospital Promo: A Week of Decisions — Will Nikolas & Britt Hit the Sheets?

Courtesy ABC

This week on General Hospital, six people are involved in decisions that could have a significant impact on their futures. What happens that changes everything for Lulu and Dante, Nikolas and Britt, and Spinelli and Maxie? Check out ABC’s newly released General Hospital promo for the week of December 9, 2013.

Though they’ve gone through some marital difficulties as a result of the custody battle, Dante and Lulu make the joyful decision to try to have another baby. Britt has the opportunity to have something real with Nikolas, but the secret she harbors could severely impact any chance of a future for them. Will she make a shocking decision and come clean with Nikolas about her baby? And last but not least, it hasn’t been an easy road for Spinelli and Maxie, but a profound decision from Maxie and truthful admission could lead the former lovers in a new direction.

This week changes everything for these three pairs. Watch the new General Hospital promo below. Click play to view the video.

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