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‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek: Sam and Silas Make Love

General Hospital's Silas (Michael Easton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) hit the sheets! Photo courtesy ABC

It’s the moment fans of General Hospital’s Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Silas (Michael Easton) have been waiting for! After months of flirtation and dancing around the sexual attraction between them, Sam and Silas finally make love!

It’s New Year’s Eve in Port Charles and Sam and Silas decide to ring in the New Year by ringing each other’s bells! Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton were known to have steamy love scenes during their days on the now defunct ABC soap opera Port Charles, and they didn’t disappoint now! The love scene is sensual and romantic, set to a montage.

There is an undeniable chemistry between these two that, when turned on, manages to melt our screens with their hotness!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, with same-day episodes available on-demand at and Comcast Xfinity.

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  1. That was just plain disgusting. My fave daytime drama has turned into daytime porn.

  2. Very well written Christy! I have seen these kinds of comments about Kelly Monaco seeming “bored or disinterested” and so forth in working with Michael Easton. These posters do not understand that when they choose to post such things about Kelly they are literally saying that she is unprofessional. Her job is to make what ever material she is given work. That is what she is paid for. If her Executive Producer made the decision to pair her with Silas and the script calls for her to have a love scene with Silas to “look like she would rather be doing her nails” is not performing as the material calls for it.

  3. There was nothing about this scene that could have accommodated a bored, disinterested or apathetic attitude from either of the actors. This scene was about two adults who care for each other and who mutually decided to bring sex and additional intimacy into their relationship. IF either of the actors had communicated signs of disinterest, he or she would have received additional guidance from the Director and/or the Executive Producer, and the scene would have been RESHOT, until they communicated the intent of the scene. Kelly Monaco works hard as a Soap Opera Actress. She doesn’t deserve to have her professionalism questioned. She was excellent and Michael Easton deserves equal credit for the success of the scene. BTW, with or without his shirt, Michael Easton looks wonderful.

  4. This was beyond hot. Finally Sam is getting some lovin’. Kelly and Michael just somehow manage to get even hotter. This was the hottest thing I have seen on GH in forever. I can’t stop watching the clip. Thank you so much for posting this. How can a love scene be so hot yet so freaking beautiful and tender? I have never seen such intimacy on GH before. I loved everything about their love scene. Only thing that could make this even more beautiful is if there was some hair pulling. Alas, that is for next time ;)

  5. Really I see more vets on screen with RC/FV than when Guza wrote. KM seems very happy at her job after all she signed an extension. Kelly loves working with Michael something she has always said.

  6. Sam was all over Silas. She couldn’t get enough of him. Also she has said since her first day on GH that she wanted ME to come to GH. It must suck for you.

  7. Your nuts!!! That woman was all over that man! Acting at its finest if in fact her thoughts were on doing her nails. I think…NOT!

  8. Maybe the father storyline fizzled because no one really wanted to see that one told as much as seeing Sam get her groove back with Silas! This is a soap opera, known for love in the afternoon okay? Just because YOU are interested in a certain storyline doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

  9. What story line???If you don’t think she is propping Easton you are mistaken..There was a huge potential with her father storyline but that fizzled real quick..Now it is all about Silas’s secret..There is no storyline for Sam..Kelly is pretty much in the supporting actress position now and has been since Cartini took over..She pretty much has to roll with them or she will be gone..Look around the canvas..The veterans are dropping like flies

  10. YES! Hooray! I’ve been a fan of Kelly since her PC days, and seeing her go through so much as an actress in the last two years, it’s WONDERFUL to finally see her so hyped again, and clearly loving working with Michael. I love the tweets where she’s trying to get photos of him and he just won’t cooperate, and it’s awesome to see that their chemistry is just as explosive as ever. Frankly, I love Silas over John McBain, and I liked McBain, but there was no way she and John could have worked without the cloud of a brush with infidelity over her head, and real infidelity over his. Silas gives her a clean slate, they had a great rocky start, and I’m so thrilled they’re finally taking the next step. It’s about time Sam got to move on. It’s not fair to the character and it’s BORING from a soap perspective for her to be the “ever-grieving” widow. Also, Michael is… wow, he is so good-looking. Also, comments about the “age difference” are completely unnecessary. I know Kelly LOOKS pretty young, but guys, she and ME are not that far apart in age. She looks AWESOME for how old she is, but enough with the shallow ageism. Rock on, Kelly! I’m thrilled that FOR ONCE, Sam has a storyline where SHE is the one being pursued, and she’s not having to pursue the men she even wants to be friends with, much less in a relationship with. It’s been a sad trend ever since Sam blew into town on Jax’s heels. I love Sam, and I hate how so many of her relationships result in her turning into a prop for her significant other. Fingers crossed that won’t happen here. Silas likes the spunk.

  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I not only think these two are “amazing to watch,” I think that the scene said a lot about what the two characters have been through, and how they feel about each other. Silas’s comment of “…Wow,” was a summary statement about Sam—and how he feels—-not just a comment about her dress falling off. I look forward to seeing the rest of the Sam & Silas scenes on Thursday, and I am confident that the rest of the scenes will be “amazing to watch,” as well.

  12. I loved this!! So happy it was posted early. Kelly and Michael are just magic!! Always have been since their PC days and just get hotter with age. I can not wait to see lots of Siam in 2014!!

  13. Seriously ??? Sam is still wearing her wedding ring for crying out loud..Amazing to watch.???? Kelly looked like she would rather be doing her nails.and Michael Easton looks old enough to be her father..I love Kelly..Have been a Fan since she came on GH but am actually embarrassed for her..Good God

  14. There is an undeniable chemistry between these two when turned on,manages to melt our screens with hotness WELL SAID They are incredible just amazing to watch! Long overdue and most definetely the most romantic HOT couple on #GH LUV Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco just incredibly talented actors when put together that explosive chemistry is off the CHARTS!!

  15. Gross


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