‘Revenge’ Photo Preview: Will Lydia stand in Emily’s way?

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Our Revenge drought is almost over. After two weeks without our Sunday evening soapy drama, it’s time to get back to the Hamptons. “Surrender” will be the final episode before the big wedding we’ve all been eagerly anticipating since season three began.

When we last left our favorite schemer, Emily had just told Daniel that they were expecting a new addition to their family to keep him from breaking off their engagement because of his feelings for Sara. Meanwhile, Margaux was meeting a secret source that turned out to be the presumed dead Lydia Davis.

ABC has released the first episode stills from the upcoming episode and it doesn’t seem like Lydia wastes much time hiding. She’s already reunited with Victoria and then with Emily, who ends up on the floor. Uh-oh…is the ‘baby’ already in danger?

Other photos show Emily and Victoria going over the seating chart. We can’t wait to hear all the delightfully snarky barbs we imagine the two will be trading. We’re also curious why Conrad is showing Victoria a picture…of herself? What are you up to, Conrad?

Check out the photo gallery below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us! Are you looking forward to the new episode?

Revenge airs Sunday, Dec. 8 at 9/8c on ABC.