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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘You are my Sunshine’

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Just when I thought this show could not shock me anymore than it already has, I was wrong, because I am shocked at how downright moronic Tara has become since the last time she did something so fucking stupid…oh about two episodes ago.

If this bitch somehow lives after being an absolute piece of shit, then this show has not only jumped the shark, it has sucker punched a dolphin. If you are going to decide to be a rat, and turn your husband in, just follow through. DO NOT BACKTRACK AND STOP AT A HOTEL BECAUSE OF FEELINGS! These are all things you should have thought about BEFORE making a deal with the cops. I have watched this slag be emotional since the first episode and I could freaking care less at this point. She’s dealt with feelings every damn episode and then makes a decision and then backs off. Then she makes a decision, then she backs off. Then she makes another fucking DUMB decision, and then backtracks…..STOP THE MADNESS! I totally get it, they want ME to fucking shoot her!

Do I want her to be a rat? NO, but let’s face it, it was her only option. A mother instinctively protects her children. Do we hate her for it? Yes, but in theory, she is doing the right thing. Unfortunately for Tara, we like every other character that ever existed on this show more than her. So if she wants to steal her kids like a thief in the night, and be a prick and try to shoot an old guy with cancer and the junkie ex…who am I to judge?  Where I start to judge is the fact that she is a fucking moron! I cannot stress this enough. Look up moron in the dictionary and you see this FACE:


If I were Patterson, I would throw this piece of shit in jail, call child services, and then unleash Tyler Perry’s Madea onto the club, because that would really be a punishment.

I want to put a nail in Tara’s coffin, but if this bitch lives……can we at least cut her vocal chords out because that “You are my Sunshine” bullshit just went over the fucking line in bad singing.

Any who…moving on to characters I want to live…JUICE! So Juice is having a crisis as per usual. It seems Juice is just too human to be a member of SAMCRO. He is always the one having issues and keeping secrets. Looks like Juice has found a way to screw himself over once again, by getting high and almost killing himself. Juice is saddened by Clay’s death and by pretty much the criminal he has become. While he seems to need the Club as a family, as a human being he does not fit in. He is too “good” a person and the club makes him sacrifice his morals all for the sake of fitting in, and proving himself.

Juice, while a funny and sexy character, is also a sad guy. He cannot even kill himself correctly. Just as he failed at hanging himself, he fails at overdosing. Nero and Gemma save Juice. When Gemma leaves, Juice tells Nero everything about Darvany’s death. Jax had previously lied to Nero and said an overdose killed her, but Juice admits it was on Jax’s orders that he kill the woman. Nero is pissed, and Juice has just dug his grave yet again. Will Jax order Juice’s death now that he has betrayed the club a second time? He better not because I love my Juice!….preferably naked, obviously.

This does bring me to Jax. Jax was feeling the high off of getting SAMCRO out of guns, and having finally removed Clay from the world, but Tara knocked the wind right out of him. The problem with Jax is sometimes he does not see what’s right in front of him. There were clear signs she was lying again, but he just ignored them. There were also signs Juice was losing his freaking mind, but again Jax ignored it. Jax also has ignored that giving the guns to Pope’s old crew will piss off other factions. The Mayans are mad, and the remaining Chinese will probably be pissed off that he has murdered their men. Somehow this does not seem worth celebrating just yet.

So Tara has kidnapped their kids and is hiding in a motel, and Jax has no idea if she has gone to the cops, should he kill her? Obviously I am biased and say, ‘OMG YES, shoot her in the head!’ Now for Tara fans (hopefully only all five of you), I would say this…How is he going to allow her to live? She’s humiliated him and taken his children. He can forgive her lying, but she did the worst thing by betraying him yet again. He might have to save face and have her ‘removed’. Maybe Gemma can step in and arrange an accident. Whether she lives or dies, there seems to be no feasible way that these two can ever reunite. If they do…..then this show is full of crap because trusting Tara again would be Jax’s biggest mistake.

Next week is the season six finale of the show, and I am freaking on edge like Juice high on some oxycontin! I am pacing, I am nervous, and I have no idea why….okay maybe it’s because I care and I have no freaking clue what will happen! Will Nero confront Jax about his lies? Will Juice suffer the consequences for betraying Jax again? Is Jax going to find Tara and will she make a deal with the cops? Are more people going to die… TARA?

Find out next week on the season 6 finale of Sons of Anarchy!

Amanda Drago
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