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8 Things To Expect in ‘The Fosters’ Winter Premiere

Photo Credit: ABC Family

The Foster family returns with its winter premiere on Jan. 13, and we’ve got a list of things you can expect in the premiere.

When we left the Fosters, Callie had run away with Wyatt after Jude caught her kissing Brandon, basically ruining their chances of being adopted by Stef and Lena. Jesus and Mariana’s favorite girl, Lexi was getting prepared to be taken out of the country by her illegal immigrant family, all of them unaware that she won’t be returning. And all of this was happening against the backdrop of Stef and Lena’s wedding – the TV wedding of 2013, to be honest.

With that refresher, let’s jump into what you can expect in the winter premiere.

1. The episode picks up the morning after Stef and Lena’s wedding.
The family surrounds the table for one of their usual breakfasts as they discuss the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Can I take a second to tell you how much I’ve missed their family meals? It’s just so, so perfect like everything else with this amazing, incredible, life-changing show. That’s a lot of descriptive words, but I am only giving credit where its due.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

2. You’ll be Team Jude and Brandon by the end of the episode.
Jude isn’t really on the Callie and Brandon bandwagon, and you can’t really blame him. This is Jude’s chance at finally having the family he has always dreamed of and Brandon and Callie’s kiss ripped it all away. There’s a bit of a heated confrontation between Jude and Brandon, who makes a confession that will make every shipper’s heart race.

Later, Jude breaks down and Brandon is there to comfort him. They’re already bros for life, you guys, and it’s just the sweetest thing.

3. Wyatt remains the best friend ever.
My favorite thing about Wyatt is that while he gives Callie room to breathe, he also calls her on her crap and tries to keep her from being her own worst enemy. Her main defense mechanism is to run away. Wyatt respects that, but he also won’t let her hurt herself in the process. This is what makes their friendship so real and believable. Let’s just hope that Callie forgives Wyatt for what he does

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

4. Jesus and Mariana vie for for Lexi’s attention… and later say goodbye. 
Mariana accidentally learns Lexi is leaving for good, leading to a tearful goodbye between the trio. Keep your tissues on standby. Bonus points to Jesus for sweet declarations that brings on all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings.

5. While Lena and Stef search for Callie, Mike holds things down at home. 
Mike went on a somewhat soul-searching journey last season, coming to terms with his place not only in his son’s lives, but in Lena and Stef’s family as well. There was a bit of a drinking problem tossed in as well. Watching Mike step in and take care of the kids is so heartwarming and reminds us of the shows overall message: love makes a family. Mike’s as much a part of these kids’ lives as Lena and Stef. How can you not love that? It’s also funny to see Mike deal with the kids different needs and basic things like feeding them and getting them to school on time.

6. Stef and Lena remain flawless. 
The two struggle to come to terms with why Callie left. Their personalities clash in the most beautiful way that just reminds you why these two belong together. They balance one another through thick and thin and fear that maybe they made a mistake with Callie.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

7. Callie reaches out to her father. 
Thanks to Wyatt’s encouragement, Callie begins to think about her father and tries to find him with unexpected results.

8. Callie reaches the end of her rope.
With no way to get a job or no place to live – not to mention the whole thing – Callie begins to fall apart and gets herself into even bigger trouble than you’d ever imagine.

The Fosters season premiere airs Jan. 13 on ABC Family.

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