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General Hospital Preview: January 6 Edition

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Heather hatches a scheme that frames Franco for the disappearance of Carly! Also: Sam has a run-in with Det. Nathan West; Sonny gets an eyeful from Morgan and Ava and Anna uncovers the truth about the warehouse shooting. Get a preview of what happens in our General Hospital preview for the week of January 6, 2014.

[notice]The weekly previews are meant to entice you into watching the show, not give you story outcomes ahead of time. Our “link only” policy remains in effect.[/notice]

General Hospital Preview: Heather Targets Carly
Heather Webber is back in Port Charles and she’s out for blood. Determined to bring harm to Carly, Heather makes it look as if she’s left town. Franco arrives at her house, hoping to smooth things over after their latest lover’s quarrel, only to find it empty. Meanwhile, Heather forces Carly to write a goodbye letter. When Carly’s disapperance comes to light, Michael blames Franco. With Franco as the prime suspect behind Carly’s disappearance, all of the pieces are falling into place for Heather’s diabolical plan for Carly. Unable to escape his past, Franco must find another way to rescue Carly from the clutches of his psychotic mother. What does Heather have in store for Carly?

Also This Week

  • Sonny catches Ava and Morgan in a compromising situation.
  • Sabrina struggles with whether or not to tell Patrick the truth.
  • Nathan questions Silas while Sam maintains he has nothing to hide.
  • Will Morgan become a mole for Julian?
  • Carlos fights for a place in Sabrina’s future.
  • Nathan continues to question Sam about Silas, revealing that her boyfriend has a dark secret.
  • Molly worries that she will lose Rafe because she is back with TJ.
  • Anna learns what really happened at the warehouse shooting and confronts the person who saw everything happen.
  • Ava threatens Franco.
  • Will Felix reveal Sabrina’s news to Patrick?

Source Sneak Peek: January 13, 2014 Edition
Julian reveals to Ava that he has another long-lost child. Lucas (Ryan Carnes) returns to Port Charles. Will the discovery of more clues lead to Carly’s rescue?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, with same-day episodes available on-demand at and Comcast Xfinity.

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