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‘Being Human’ Recap: “Lil’ Smokie”

BEING HUMAN -- "Lil' Smokie" Episode 403 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sam Huntington as Josh Levison, Samuel Witwer as Aidan Waite -- (Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

This week’s episode of Being Human, “Lil’ Smokie,” started with a flashback of the night Danny killed Sally. Well, at least it seems to be, but instead of Sally taking that fateful tumble down the stairs, she fights back. Then, inexplicably, Donna comes in and finishes Danny off in a very gruesome scene. Turns out, Sally was daydreaming, which apparently is a thing ghosts can do on this show.

Josh is worried because she hasn’t put the spell book down for two days. Not entirely sure why, since she’s a ghost who has no job and can’t get tired, but he’s worried nonetheless. Aidan doesn’t want her screwing around with blood magic, which is much more plausible reason to be worried. Well, plausible on a show about the supernatural. He thinks she should ditch the book, but since that would be too easy and eliminate all dramatic tension, Sally tells him to trust her. She shall overcome, just like he overcame his whole eating humans thing.

Josh starts his first day back at work, after being gone for months. How many sick days do nurses even get? Anyway, Aidan thinks it’s a great idea to inform him that his sister went to rehab while he was off being a feral animal in the woods. The whole “werewolves and vampires are real” thing sent her on a binder. Honestly, I would do the same thing. Smart girl.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Sally is still reading that book and trying to be Hermione Granger. She conveniently finds a spell to bring back a ghost’s door, and in a move befitting Ron Weasley, doesn’t question it, just tries to cast it. Well, whoops, it was a trick by Donna, and Sally has just let her out of the hell pit. The tables are quickly turned however when Sally sets the book on fire, sending Donna right back from where she came. It also brands the words into Sally’s skin, and oh, helps her memorize the whole book. Painful and convenient!

Sally relays all that has happened to Nora, who was out getting wallpaper to redecorate the apartment. Nora is a little upset that Sally is trying to get her door back, but Sally realizes that she can’t stay forever. We then get what is possibly one of the best scenes this show has ever written, when Sally sees the burn marks on Nora’s chest from her abusive ex. Sally was killed by her abuser, and tells Nora that she wishes she had her strength to leave. Sally tells Nora she can remove the burn scars, if she wants her too, which leads to the most powerful moment in the episode later.

Aidan is kidnapped by the funeral van, and is shocked to find Kenny is running things now. Well, and that he no longer looks like a diseased foot. Kenny gives Aidan a tour of his organization, eager to show “daddy” all his new toys. Unfortunately, Aidan does his best Shania impression and isn’t impressed. He turns down the offer to join his “son”, and I’m glad, because Aidan is more fun free of vampire politics.

Josh’s wolf senses are going wild at the hospital. Peter Parker is somewhere praying to the fictional gods that he only got bit by a radioactive spider. Anyway, his wolf senses have him acting like a coke head and jogging is the only thing that helps. He even hunts down a jogger, but stops himself long enough to get jumped by two vampires. Luckily, well, sort of luckily, Josh’s fangs and claws emerge to help him kick ass. Turns out, Kenny sent them to kill him so Aidan would pay more attention to him. Is it wrong to find that kind of sweet? Because I do regardless. The next day, Josh quits his job due to acting like The Hulk the day before, and so Nora can help him figure out what’s wrong. Yawn. His storyline is still the weakest.

Nora sees that Sally’s magic has worked, and her burns are gone. Her tears and how grateful she is in this moment are really poignant. The physical reminder of what she had to endure is gone. I have nothing snarky to say here, just brilliant scenes.

Aidan challenges Kenny to a duel to ensure he leaves his friends alone. Kenny then reveals to Aidan that he actually does still have vampire fungi face, and is compelling him to see his current face. It also makes him able to deal with his current condition. Awww, poor Kenny. I really need Aidan to stop being a deadbeat and raise his “son”.

Kenny gets a call from the club, so him and Aidan rush back to find one of his vamps, staked to the ground with a cross. Way harsh Tai.  Kenny reviews the security footage, and low and behold, it’s Suzanna going all Buffy the Vampire Slayer in his club. I did not see that coming.

Best Aspect- Suzanna the vampire slayer is full of possibilities. I was already invested, but now I’m super invested.

Worst Aspect- Josh’s story is still the weakest. It has potential, but it doesn’t grab me like Aidan’s and Sally’s do.

Best Line- “Wait, do you know the spell word for word, or are you just remembering it just a bit, cause the last thing I need is some golem creature waving from my abs” –Nora, nervous that Sally will do more than just remove the burns.

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