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‘Being Human’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’

BEING HUMAN -- Season:4 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sam Witwer as Aidan Waite, Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison, Kristen Hanger as Nora Sergeant -- (Photo by: Art Streiber/Syfy)

The fourth season premiere of Being Human picks up three months after last season’s finale. Nora is struggling to come to terms with her new reality with Josh; Aidan juggles his loyalties to his supernatural family and his professional and personal life; and Sally learns more about the situation she’s gotten herself into as a result of her escape from soul devouring witch Donna.

Three months after last season’s finale, the supernatural family involving two werewolves, a centuries old vampire and a powerful spirit is facing some serious challenges. Sally (Meaghan Rath) has been dragged to what I can only assume is hell by Donna (Amy Aquino) who destroyed her death spot. A hell that’s sometimes a spa, and occasionally bleeds blood; you take the good with the bad I suppose. It’s way better than that whole hell fire thing.

Meanwhile, Josh (Sam Huntington) is in his own personal hell, having been stuck as a werewolf, unable to turn back. His wife Nora (Kristen Hager) who is also a werewolf, has been doing her best to keep him at bay with Aidan’s (Sam Witwer) help. Essentially, they’re tiring him out and then locking him up. Every day.

Josh’s struggle with “the wolf” goes back to season one. He always feared he would lose control to the beast within. He describes his battle with his supernatural power as “being torn apart” from within. It should be noted that Josh is able to return to human form on a full moon, leaving just a brief window to spend time with his Nora. Their reunion was quite the visual, especially for Syfy.

Back in the hell-dimension, Sally learns more about her connection to Donna and the extent of her newfound magical powers.  Sally breaks out of the menstruating spa, which is actually a creation in her head (way too much to go into here), by going through Donna’s death spot, which I think might have been Wal-Mart. Well, Wal-Mart and a noose.

Aidan starts having visions of his dead wife, Suzanna (Katharine Isabelle), including once while doing the deed with Kat (Deanna Russo), his girlfriend. Yeah, this isn’t gonna end well for the long suffering vampire.

The cherry on top of all these recent plot developments is Kenny (Connor Price), Aidan’s vampire son, is the new head of the Boston Vampire Clan. Unbeknownst to all of them, a new and dark adversary threatens to destroy their family unit, rocking the very foundations of the life they’ve built together.

If “Old Dog, New Tricks” is just a taste of what’s to up, this is definitely looking to be an amazing season of Being Human. The show, a remake of the hit British series, has carved its own way to stand out from the original and make its own mark. Plus, no one on that show looked as good naked as Sam Witwer does.

Best Aspect | I was shocked to see Kenny again, but I guess I shouldn’t have been. It’s also fun to see him put “Aunt” Blake (Janie Theriault) in her place. Karma for how she’s treated him in the past.

Worst Aspect | Josh’s storyline is the weakest of the bunch right now. We get it, he’s cursed. We’ve done this already. Move on please?

Best Line | “You’re like a thousand and one years old, I just figured you could go with me on this one.” -Sally explaining to Aidan where she’s been for the last 3 months.

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