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‘GH’s’ Finola Hughes Speaks on Playing a Sexy, Smart and Powerful Character

Actress Finola Hughes attends the Disney ABC Television Group's 2014 winter TCA party; Photo courtesy ommaso Boddi/Getty Images

We had the chance to catch up with General Hospital star Finola Hughes (Anna) last weekend during the Disney-ABC Television Critics Association Cocktail Party. Hughes spoke with TVSource Magazine about storylines she’s enjoying, what it’s like to play one of daytime’s most bad ass women and GH’s survival.

TVSource Magazine: When Kim returned, did it feel like all is in its rightful place?
Finola Hughes: Absolutely, it feels like everything is right in the world. I want her to stay.

TVSource Magazine: What storylines are you enjoying? Is there anything specific that you’re excited about doing?
Hughes: Couple of things. [I’m] loving all of the police work that I get to [do] with Dominic [Zamprogna] and we have a new detective now, [Nathan] West (played by Ryan Paevey), I’m loving doing that.  And then also, I work with Ian [Buchanan], my best friend, and uh, he plays Duke, and I’m LOVING my scenes with Duke right now.

How is Anna going to react when she learns Duke has returned to the mob to take down Julian?
Hughes: What do you think?

I don’t know! I feel like she laid down the law with him already and said, “You can’t do this again!”
Hughes: Absolutely. Yeah. It’s not gonna be pretty [laughs].

TVSource Magazine:  How does it feel to play one of the most badass women in soaps? Anna may have a heart of gold, but she’s strong and not afraid to get down and dirty.
Hughes: I love that! I feel very privileged, I really do. It’s actually the kind of character I want to play. And the fact that I’ve been given the job that I have, and the fact that I have the history I have, you know, it’s gives her that kind of ruthlessness, but at the same time, you know, she holds close the people she holds close and don’t cross her.

TVSource Magazine: With the ambiguity of what happened to Faison, all signs point to Anna and Robert eliminating him for good. How does she square away committing a crime for the greater good when she’s charged with stopping people from doing that very thing?
Hughes: Anna is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, she understands, like she’s basically behaved the same way that Sonny would behave in getting rid of one of his enemies. She’s basically done that. She’s no better than him on a certain level and I think she’s cognizant of that. But for Anna, if you like redemption, is the fact that she wants to be the law enforcement of this town, and she really wants the clown to be clean, and she doesn’t want this mob war.

TVSource Magazine: Last Tuesday was one of General Hospital’s highest rated episodes years. Did you think the show would still be here two years ago?
Hughes: Oh my god! Really?! That’s fantastic! I love it.  You know [pauses]… I never think that we won’t be. So I did. I kept thinking that we kept going in such the right direction. You know, everybody is very tight; the actors, it’s a very well-oiled machine. Everybody wants to make their story the best that it can be, and now we have these great writers.

TVSource Magazine: It feels like the show is firing on all cylinders.
Hughes: It’s really firing, that’s for sure!

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