‘Hart of Dixie’ Review: ‘One More Last Chance’ to do it all over again

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The entire time I was watching the latest episode of Hart of Dixie, I kept asking myself if I had it in me to write another ‘why aren’t Wade and Zoe back together yet’ review. Or worse, write another ‘why does this show feel like nothing ever happens’ review. I’m tired of writing both and I’m sure you guys don’t want to read another one.

I think the thing that frustrates me the most is not the repetitiveness of the show, but the fact that even though it does feel like the same episode week after week with interchangeable pieces (swap out big town events and what Wade and Zoe are arguing about), I still really love it. The show makes me laugh. Sometimes it makes me sad, but most of the time, I enjoy the hour I spend in Bluebell each week.

So I’m not going to complain about “One More Last Chance” because I’ve said all I can say on my issues with the show (over and over again) and if I keep it up, I’m going to have to declare myself a hypocrite or something (tell me that’s not Zoe Hart logic right there). Instead, let’s talk about why the episode was fun.

Lynly and George broke up

Lynly was not the worst character to ever pass through Bluebell, but she certainly isn’t someone I’m going to miss. This week, she tried to get past her issues with Tansy and ended up burning off half of her hair. George attempted to take it in stride at Lavon’s urging, but the relationship wasn’t meant to be. The two ended things on a somewhat friendly note and Lynly announced her intentions to move home again. Let’s hope this means George and Tansy will start to find their way back to each other.

Shelby dropped a bombshell on AnnaBeth (and Brick)

The mama-to-be was acting stranger than usual this week and after avoiding questions, she finally confessed the truth to AnnaBeth: she’d lied about how she got pregnant and the father of her baby was actually the lieutenant governor, who was currently in town. AnnaBeth convinced Shelby to tell the truth (which she did at the most inopportune time) and after the politician was able to process the news, he asked Shelby to live with him and she agreed. It seemed like a whirlwind when she said goodbye to Brick, but we knew we weren’t getting to keep the actress for long. I will miss her fun brand of crazy.

Lavon saves Bluebell with some help from Tom

In order to stop the merger with Fillmore, Lavon attempted to get Bluebell declared a historical landmark. But that was easier said than done when the townspeople weren’t exactly playing their parts they way they’d rehearsed (or maybe they were since the rehearsals were a disaster too). In the end, it turned out that Tom’s grandmother had a historical item – an old toilet (only in Bluebell). Shelby’s baby bomb almost derailed things, but the lieutenant governor returned and signed the paper, allowing Bluebell to remain its own entity and everyone celebrated at the Rammer Jammer.

Zoe and Wade team up to win over family members

As Wade and Vivian got closer, Zoe and Joel were desperate to find a house. But each had obstacles in the Wilkes family: Wade had to win over Vivian’s son Harley and Zoe had to win over her Manhattan-hating Aunt Winifred. Since neither was having luck, the two stepped up for each other. Zoe convinced Harley to give Wade a chance and he did the same with Winifred (because they’re in love and have plenty of good stories about each other).

Then Wade lost Harley’s lizard and Zoe took the blame (because they’re in love). Winifred refused to let Joel and Zoe rent her house and Vivian replaced Harley’s lizard with another one, but he told Wade that he wasn’t stupid and he knew it was different, but that lizard hated him too. It didn’t matter though because Vivian still got a babysitter and invited Wade to spend the night with her and Joel and Zoe agreed on a house – that they would buy instead of rent because they’re that committed to each other (ugh).

Okay, so I failed a little bit at the end there, but I can’t help it. I miss Wade and Zoe being in each other’s orbits on a regular basis. It’s nice that they’re both maturing (how awesome was Zoe to step up for him even though it cost her something?), but I need them to at least seem like there’s a chance they’re getting back together. Also, I can’t wait for Lemon to be back full time because the show is just not the same without her.

What did you guys think? Are you enjoying the show? Were you surprised by Shelby’s revelation? Are you happy or sad to see Lynly and Shelby leaving town? Do you miss Wade and Zoe or are you enjoying the new couples? Hit the comments and share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Sadly, I was totally bored last night. Love the original characters, but not a fan of the new additions this season. Wish they’d do something because I’m losing interest.

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