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Almost Human: “Perception” Recap

ALMOST HUMAN: ALMOST HUMAN: L-R: Dorian (Michael Ealy), Det. John Kennex (Karl Urban) and Valerie (Minka Kelly) in the "Perception" episode of ALMOST HUMAN, airing Monday, Feb. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Liane Hentscher / FOX

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s Almost Human, “Perception,” featured Det. Kennex and Dorian investigating the simultaneous and sudden deaths of two genetically-enhanced – or “chrome” – children, a fatal dose of the perfect designer drug appeared to be the cause.

This episode starts with two girls mysteriously dropping dead. Fun times. Oh, and Kennex has some flashbacks about his traitor bitch ex. Anyway, the two girls died in two different locations within minutes of each other, which apparently is weird? I don’t know, don’t people usually die within minutes of each other all around the world? Never mind. Let me stop poking holes in the plot.

Minka Kelly gets more than two lines, which is two lines more than she should, but yay, backstory for a character who isn’t Kennex or Dorien. Anyway, the girls who died are chromes, humans who are genetically enhanced, which apparently Valerie is too. Is it sad that I just learned that was her name? She’s the very definition of window dressing.

Anyway, the two dead girls died from drugs. I’m guessing it’s some weird future type drug, and not whatever Elizabeth Burkley was on in Saved by the Bell. Oh, and a girl drowned. This is connected, but not sure how. Valerie and Kennex interview the chromes at their school, and most of them are major tools. Lieutenant General tools actually. One of them, Marshall, says that no “illegal” drugs have been sold on campus. Nice distinction. What are legal future drugs though? They still popping Xanax and Oxy?

Dorien finds some of the drug in one of the victim’s, Scarlet, room. It looks like a metal ball. Do they digest it? Snort it? I’m asking too many questions. Kennex and Dorien question a dealer, who’s higher than Snoop Lion on a day ending in Y. The drug is called something that begins with a V. Sorry, spell check isn’t amazing with made up words, and neither is Wikipedia. Julian, the dealer, says his machine was hacked and the deaths were not his fault. I mean, I guess technically if that’s true, but if the machine never existed….

Minka Kelly continues to look bored, so I ignore most of the following scene, and instead watch Kennex and Maldonado at the bar discuss his memory coming back and his viper ex. Kennex gets all moody and brooding and I kinda want to cuddle with him. He then goes to a memory reclaimer, which I’m aware isn’t really a word, but I don’t write the show. I think something big plot point wise happens here, but he starts bleeding from his nose, and yuck, gross.

Kennex interview’s Scarlet’s dad, and ask if he killed the drowned girl, and the druggies, including his daughter. But no, he’s not a murderer, just an obstructer of justice. However, drowned girl’s mama is looking guilty as hell. I mean, duh, women love poison, men like violence. This was totally a chick crime.

Best Aspect- The world is expanding at a nice pace. Oh, and the twist ending, which is too good to spoil here

Worst Aspect- Minka Kelly continues to be the weakest element of the show. She appears disinterested and barely involved in most of her scenes.

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