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Being Human: “Pack It Up Pack It In” Recap

BEING HUMAN -- "Pack it Up Pack it In" Episode 405 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kyle Schmid as Henry, Sam Witwer as Aidan Waite, Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik -- (Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

This week’s episode of Being Human picks up where last week’s left off. In “Pack It Up Pack It In,” Kenny joins Aidan for a night of drinking away sorrows. Josh and Nora throw a baby shower for their new wolf friends, but things quickly get out of hand. Sally uses her time-jumping abilities to learn more about her roomies.

Aidan tells Kat he’s a vampire, and she responds like a normal human being. Meaning, she thinks he’s crazy. Though, I have to wonder what kind of sex they were having if she didn’t notice he didn’t have a heartbeat. How dense can ya be? Anyway, she dumps him, because she’s a moron. You don’t dump Sam Witwer! You just, don’t.

Josh and Nora visit Tommy from Instant Star, who’s now going by Andrew and has a comb over. Anyway, a bunch of wolf conversation happens, yada yada yada, and Nora offers to throw a baby shower. Yawn. Aidan goes home to brood, which is extremely sexy. What? Tortured guys are hot. He sees some “ratchet ass bitches” that he had murdered taunting him in ghost form, till Sally sends them away. Well, banishes them. Whatever ghost witches do to get rid of other ghosts.

Josh’s alcoholic sister Emily comes over, fresh out of rehab, and needs a place to stay. That should go well. Aidan decides to brood and walk, so Kenny stalks his “daddy”, and gets him drunk. Kenny is awesome. Anyway, werewolf baby shower becomes werewolf baby party because some douche named Mark is in a pissing match with Josh. Yawn. Can you tell how much I love this storyline? I’m enthralled. Really, I totally love it.

Sally comes back from her time jumping adventure, having spent four days in 2001. She watched sixteen year old Josh have sex with his sixteen year old girlfriend, which kind of makes Sally a ghost pedophile. Since that’s not the direction the writers want to go, and who can blame them, we then turn to Emily, who is clearly unable to function around all the booze. Alcoholism is such a buzz kill. She tells Josh that she’s alright, but Stevie Wonder could see she was bluffing, and so can Sally.

Aidan and Kenny crash the wolf party, which, I’m quite alright with, because Aidan and Kenny are awesome. The werewolves however, are kind of butt hurt about it. Josh tells them to get over it, and I’m yelling at the TV “THAT”S RIGHT JOSH! SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS!” I belong in a psyche ward.

Emily heads upstairs, and Sally tries to be her AA sponsor, but that doesn’t work cause Emily is human, and therefore Helen Keller to ghosts. Sally tries to cast a spell, but it doesn’t work. It does however send her to the twenties, and she sees Aidan, who’s rocking a pornstache and is dressed like Sinatra.  Present time Aidan is drunk off of blood and acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Seriously bro, Kat wasn’t even that awesome. You’re free. Fly like a bird. Get your Nelly Furtado on. He asks Kenny to erase Kat from his mind, but Kenny is off to get him some wolf tail. Get it!

Back in the twenties, Sally continues to stalk “Pervy John Waters” Aidan, and it quickly becomes clear that this is during Aidan’s murderous period. Sally tries to stop them, which goes against all the time traveling rules I might add, but they can’t see her. So she possesses a body, which Aidan promptly kills.  Sally gets back to the present, and is a little scared of Aidan, who is kinda acting like an ass. He hits on Sally, which is wrong on so many levels. Emily asks Kenny if his parents know where he is, not realizing he’s a vampire. Things quickly go south because Sally’s spell causes Kenny’s compelling to not work on Emily, freaking her hell out. Shallow bitch. She literally screamed because he’s ugly. This causes a misunderstanding, which leads to a brawl where Aidan and Kenny hand out ass whooping’s like herpes…or something less gross and easily spreadable.

Josh is understandably annoyed with Sally, who really needs to stop playing hocus pocus. It’s not going her way at all. Aidan gets all Edward Cullen on Kat, and compels his way into her house. Psych. It’s just a fantasy, thankfully. Last thing I need is for Aidan to get all Twilight for this basic ho.  Emily and her ugly yellow top leave the next day. Josh feels bad, but Emily lets him know that it’s her issues, and has nothing to do with him. Sally and Aidan go over what happened in the twenties and the previous night. They patch things up rather quickly, which is great, because they’re the best dead/undead duo on television at the moment.

Best Aspect- Drunk Aidan is everything. Sam Witwer has really good comic timing, and yes, I’m completely shocked because he’s hot. It’s very rare that someone’s both. I have a man crush.

Worst Aspect- I love Josh. I like Nora. I hate their storyline.

Best Line- “He’s immortal, he could mope forever”- Josh about Aidan brooding over that insipid waif Kat.

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