General Hospital Preview: March 17 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Michael and Elizabeth must make decisions that will affect the lives of others. Also: A secret from Sam’s past is revealed to Silas; Lulu confides in Lucas. Get the latest scoop on what’s going down in Port Charles on our General Hospital preview for the week of March 17, 2014.

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General Hospital Preview: Michael’s Choice

With time running out, Michael must make a life or death decision about AJ’s medical treatment. Meanwhile, Patrick’s emotional outbursts and anger over Robin’s absence starts affecting his work — something noticed by Elizabeth. Later, Patrick delivers dire news about AJ’s condition that leaves Michael feeling guilty and Monica apprehensive. Was the right decision made?

The Engagement Games: Catching Britch

Elizabeth embraces her inner Veronica Mars yet again, exposing the secret Britt’s been carrying about baby Ben! If it seems like you’ve read that spoiler before, you have. It’s not our fault that Britt has a lot of secrets.

Britt’s guilt over the secret she’s keeping grows ahead of her engagement party. She confides her feelings to Brad, admitting she feels she doesn’t deserve a happy ending. Brad encourages her to get her feelings out and move on if she ever truly wants to be happy with Nikolas. Unfortunately for Britt, the way she goes about that leads to Elizabeth learning that Lulu is Ben’s mother! Though she can’t wait to expose the lying Britch for just who Liz always said she was, she knows the fallout will devastate Nikolas, her best friend and man she loves. When all is said and done, will Elizabeth get her man?

Also This Week

– Luke’s odd behavior continues, making Kiki uncomfortable when he confronts her about their previous run-in.
– Nathan’s true motives are revealed.
– Ava questions Julian about his dealings with Ric.
– Elizabeth freaks when she discovers Cameron is missing. Later, Ric gives Cameron some romantic advice.
– Lulu opens up to Lucas about her growing feelings towards Ben.
– Sonny enlists Alexis to help expose a possible alliance between Ric and Julian.
– Sam confesses to Silas a terrible mistake she made with someone from her past.

Source Alerts: March 24, 2014
The drama intensifies at Wyndemere as the truth about Baby Ben is finally revealed! Carly faces off with Ava. Monica has some choice words for Sonny.