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General Hospital Preview: March 24 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Lulu exposes Britt’s deception about Baby Ben! The fallout will affect everyone involved including Dante, Lulu, Britt, Nikolas and Elizabeth. Also: Anna urges Nathan to come clean. Get the latest scoop on what’s going down in Port Charles on our General Hospital preview for the week of March 24, 2014.

General Hospital Preview: No Tea for the Fever

The drama intensifies throughout Wyndemere, as Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party is in full force. Elizabeth arms Lulu with the knowledge that Ben is in fact her biological child!  As Lulu wraps her head around this bombshell, Dante worries about the emotional toll his and Britt sharing a child has put on his wife. With the truth know in her hands, Lulu rejoins the engagement party and demands to see her child! The furious Lulu blasts Britt for her machinations and shows proof of just how far Britt was willing to go with her lies. When Elizabeth backs up Lulu’s accusations, it gives more weight to her claims. Britt tries to explain but Nikolas has had enough. Britt isn’t the only one who finds herself feeling the brunt of Nikolas’ anger, as he has a few choice words for Elizabeth as well!

Just because the truth is out doesn’t mean Dante and Lulu get the reunion they’ve been waiting for. Dr. Obrecht’s latest scheme forces Dante, Lulu and Britt to team up to uncover her latest ploy!

Also This Week

  • Dr. Obrecht intimidates Brad.
  • Tracy walks in on something she shouldn’t have.
  • Alexis confronts Julian about his possible alliance with Ric. Will their heated argument lead to a fire of a different kind?
  • An incident at Silas’ apartment leads Sam and Silas to reach out to Det. Nathan West.
  • Nathan learns disturbing news about his sister, Nina.
  • Carly and Ava face off.
  • Nikolas is devastated by Britt’s betrayal.
  • Will Ric help Elizabeth get over Nikolas?
  • As AJ fights for his life, Carly discovers the identity of the shooter. Will she do the right thing?
  • Monica blasts Sonny about his treatment of AJ over the years.

Source Alerts: March 31, 2014
General Hospital marks its 51st anniversary show with love, life and nostalgia. What will Nikolas find when he visits Elizabeth? Bobbie learns of a new development.

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