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‘Once Upon a Time’ Photo Preview: Rumplestiltskin, Rapunzel and the Return of the Storybook

ABC/Jack Rowand

Last week, Once Upon a Time ended the episode with a surprise: Not only is Rumplestiltskin still alive, but he’s back in Storybrooke and being kept in a cage by the Wicked Witch.

The excitement of learning that he was alive was quickly replaced by confusion when Rumple began muttering about madness. Hopefully, we will learn more about what happened to him in the next episode, “The Tower.” We can see in the episode photos that ABC has released that Zelena is in control of Rumple’s knife.

Of course that still leaves us with a lot of questions like how did she wind up with it, why did she bring Rumple to Storybrooke and how soon can we get him out of that cage and reunite him with Belle? Judging by the photos, Rumple is not amused by his interactions with the witch and we have a feeling she’s going to regret whatever it is she’s been doing to him.

ABC/Jack Rowand

ABC/Jack Rowand

Elsewhere, we’re going to meet Rapunzel in this episode. We know the show loves to put its own spin on our favorite fairytales so we’re looking forward to finding out what their take is on this one and how Prince Charming is involved. Presumably, he’s there to rescue her and we’re guessing that’s Zelena in the hood. What did Rapunzel do to make her mad?

ABC/Jack Rowand

ABC/Jack Rowand

Also in present day Storybrooke, it looks like Henry’s book of fairytales is back. It’s almost strange to see Regina holding it, but if it’s a way for her to bond with her son again, we are all for it.

Check out the full gallery below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us. Are you looking forward to the episode?

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, March 23 at 8/7c on ABC.

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