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‘Beacon Hill’ Series Review – Eccentricities

“Beacon Hill” star Crystal Chappell (Claire). Photo Courtesy of Bella Productions

Beacon Hill excels at playing all the emotional beats. With each episode the audience is being introduced not to the characters as much as the connections they all share. This week’s episode was about the love between a mother and daughter. Anyone who claims they didn’t tear up a little bit while watching is a liar.

Claire and Sara haven’t really interacted much until now. Claire has kept herself sequestered from her family preferring to drink her sorrows away in self-seclusion. I suspect this is the only way that she is able to feel any control of her own. The audience only knows bits and pieces as to why she is this way. She’s spent her life being controlled by a domineering father who seems to have little regard for her. She also has a secret that will probably have a huge impact on the family once it is revealed.

Despite her self-inflected detachment from the world, Claire does care for her children even if she’s not able to always express it. She wants Sara to not feel as trapped as she does and to have a better life than she had. “After living with your grandfather and being raised by him, living with his need, his obsession to control everything and everyone, I swore to myself I would never treat my children like that.”

Sara also wants better for her mother. She wants Claire to be healthy and happy. It feels like Sara wants to protect her mother but the person that perhaps Claire needs the most protection from is herself. “You know people would say drinking before noon makes you an alcoholic,” Sara tells her mother. “I like to use the word eccentric,” replies Claire.

Claire is glad that Sara had the strength that she didn’t have to leave Beacon Hill. Yet maybe in Sara’s haste to leave a bad situation, she left behind the one thing that she shouldn’t have. “Sara, did it ever occur to you that by leaving Katherine back then you were doing exactly what your grandfather wanted?”

And you thought your family was messed up! Why does being a Preston have to be so hard?

Where You Can Watch

Beacon Hill can be watched on their website The series is available by subscribing only at the reasonable price of $9.99. Watch the series and hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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