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‘The Good Wife’ Photo Preview: ‘A Material World’

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It’s been nearly three weeks since The Good Wife turned lives upside down with the brutal murder of the beloved Will Gardner. After taking last week off, giving fans an oddly welcome break from the emotional upheaval they are experiencing, the series returns to televisions this coming Sunday so that we all can continue to watch as Alicia, Diane and Kalinda deal with their grief and try to carry on with their lives.

Between the episode description for “A Material World, the promos, and the photos, all released by CBS; it’s safe to say we are in for another fabulously written hour of television. Even still, we don’t know much about what’s to come, causing us to scrutinize every aspect of the photos of a grieving Alicia, looking for every little detail possible (All the glasses on her nightstand. Someone’s been crying in bed. Her clothes. Who do they belong to?). Overanalyzing every line we hear in the promo. (When she cheated she DID? Say WHAT?! ARE THEY GOING TO DIVORCE?!).

Here’s what we do know:

Alicia and Diane discuss merging their firms (Would love it, but it brings more questions).

Finn seeks out Alicia (For WHAT? WHY are you at the door of her bedroom?!).

David Lee challenges Diane (Of course he does. Tread lightly, sir).

The State’s Attorney’s office wants a scapegoat (Cue Finn. Cue Alicia helping Finn).

Peter and Alicia have a HUGE, much needed; about time they clear the air where Will is concerned, fight (I don’t know about this ending the way most are hoping it will, though).

Alicia is in….sweats (Wait…what…who…huh?).

Diane and Alicia have drinks and I am in love with them (You guys, they look kinda drunk in the photos. YES).

Damian Boyle is back (*insert side-eye emoji here*.

The lovely trio of women; Alicia, Diane and Kalinda, are all dressed in black. I think we all know what that means (Maybe some more tissues needed?).

Check out the gallery of photos and then let us know your thoughts in the comment box! What are you looking forward to the most in this coming episode?

The Good Wife airs Sunday April 13 at 9/8c on CBS.

Chrissie Ortiz
Chrissie Ortiz is a one of TVSource Magazine’s most passionate columnists. As you can see by some of her favorite shows, she’s a pretty loyal viewer. She’ll usually stick it out no matter how bad it gets. Not one to assign herself to one genre, she looks for series that can pass her litmus test — holding her attention. Follow her on Twitter at @SourceChrissie.

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