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‘The Bay’ Chapter 12, Part 1 Recap: Score One For The Bad Guys

‘The Bay’ stars Tristan Rogers (Lex Martin), Braxton Davis (Rick), and Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen. Photo courtesy of LANY Entertainment

The Bay Chapter 12 begins where Chapter 11 left off after Steve Jensen’s (Matthew Ashford) prostitution ring was raided. Mayor Jack Madison (Nicolas Coster) visits Sara (Mary Beth Evans) to talk about Steve. He was able to get Steve out of jail due to the lack of evidence against him. He asks if there is anything else she would like to share with him. She responses that she “wish she could.” What does Steve hold over Sara?

Peter (Kristos Andrews) stops by Janice’s (Lilly Melgar) house for some love in the afternoon. They are basking in the afterglow and contemplating their relationship when Lianna (Jade Harlow) comes home. She finds Peter’s sweater on the floor but doesn’t know it’s his. Janice comes out of the bedroom and tells Lianna she has company. Lianna is upset that Janice didn’t pick up the phone when she called and tells her she was arrested. Janice is never there for her troubled daughter. Will (Derrell Whitt) posted Lianna’s bail for her but she apparently spent the whole night in jail. If only Lianna knew who Janice was was giving her attention to instead…

Steve is also released from jail. “I’m a perfectly law abiding citizen,” Steve mocks an angry Commissioner Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers). Lex responds the only reason he is politically connected is because of his bogus marriage to Sara. He’s determined to make Steve pay for crimes.

Marly (Martha Madison) returns home and the mother/daughter reunion is tense. They make small talk before Sara tells her that she found Peter in bed with her future sister-in-law.

Meanwhile, John Blackwell (Ronn Moss) makes his first appearance. He enters Zoey’s (Taylor Stanley) bar and asks for a drink. The bar is closed but Zoey allows him to stay for one drink after he tells her that his son is in the hospital.

He calls Captain Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy). Elliot is buried under a blanket surrounded by old half-eaten takeout. Obviously he is still grieving the death of his daughter. The two men know each other from past. John is Bay City’s former DA. Elliot agrees to meet with John. What will they have to discuss?

Some of my favorite things about the episode:

The Bay City Herald

At the beginning of the episode Sara is reading a front page article entitled “Masquerade Lounge UnMasked – Steve Jensen” in The Bay City Herald. If you pause the screen and read the article, there is a special message. It reads: “Last night, Bay City resident Steve Jensen was arrested. The Bay is a great show. Gregori and his cast are fabulous.”


Janice and Peter’s romance is on it’s way to getting really messy. The pair seems to have genuine feelings for one another but what happens when their families find out? Janice already feels guilty about sleeping with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. The fact that Lianna is on a downward spiral only adds to the guilt. And what will Marly say to the pair now that she knows?

Ron Moss

Moss does a great job playing his edgy new character. The audience has just been introduced to John but he seems to be very different than The Bold and The Beautiful’s Ridge, the role Moss played for 25 years. For starters, John is a lot darker and I’m not just talking about his choice in wardrobe. He is obviously a tortured soul. He is worried about his son’s life. Whether or not he has any other menacing intentions is yet to be seen but I can’t wait to find out more about Bay City’s former DA.

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