‘The Good Wife’ Season Premiere Review: Walking ‘The Line’

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After 126 agonizing days of pure torture, The Good Wife returned last night to deliver a stellar season six premiere. Picking up right where the season five finale left off and adding an unexpected turn of events made for an interesting hour of television that was over before we could fully grasp what was happening.

While little information was leaked in regards to what to expect in ‘The Line’ was repeatedly boasted as containing a major twist. Turns out that the twisted turn of events they were referring to was the fact that Cary Agos is arrested on suspicion of helping Lemond Bishop transport drugs. 1.3 million dollars worth of drugs to be exact. The same amount that his bail was set to. If you’re anything like me, you might be a bit confused by all of this. But, if I’m being honest (and we all know I always am), any story that brings the delicious Mike Colter to my screen is acceptable in my book. Now, just how long will Cary be in this predicament? Also, is Sophia telling the truth about there being a recording of Cary, proving his guilt?

Alicia Florrick was in full on boss lady mode the entire episode. Upon finding out about her partner’s predicament, any ill feelings that may have remained from their prior arguments were pushed to the side as she tried to get Cary out of jail. Calling on Finn Polmar for assistance, what she received in return was a heaping dose of schmuck (Sorry, I don’t think ‘pitbull’ is exactly what I would use to describe him here). Basically pulling the rug out from under Alicia at the first hearing proved to not be enough for him. He then requested that she be removed as Cary’s representation. Why? Because he was scared to go up against her. That’s the real reason. Not whatever he told the judge. Let me get this straight, THIS is the guy we’re all supposed to want her to be with? Right. Ok.

Left with the task of finding someone to replace her as Cary’s lawyer, Alicia turned to Diane. Having decided to exit Lockhart/Gardner in a way that would be less problematic, she was initially reluctant to take part in the situation, fearing the backlash from her clients. After Alicia pleaded Cary’s case, she agreed. Taking a moment here to gush about this duo. I coined them ‘Flockhart’ last season and continue to lovingly refer to them as such. Every scene they shared in this premiere was fantastic, but my favorite was the two women checking in on Cary after he was cut by another prisoner. They were in mama bear mode and it was adorable. Will we get to see more of them working together, side by side?

Throughout all of this, Eli, adamant that Alicia run for State’s Attorney, is dealing with the wrath of Peter when he finds out what he is up to. Concocting a plan to get him and the current SA, Castro in the same room, resulting in an argument between the two men, he manages to get Peter on board with Alicia running for office. I would like to point out that Eli and his daughter Marissa are pure GOLD. Pun is absolutely intended. I sincerely hope we see more of her on the show. However, I am left wondering why Peter was initially against Alicia running. How would that be a bad thing for him? Also, what is the deal with the intern? Do we really need this? I don’t think so.

So far for season six, I need more of: Alicia and Diane together, Lemond Bishop doing anything, Marissa Gold and Kalinda with everybody. I would love less (or none) of: Finn Polmar and Lauren, the intern. It’s just not working, in my opinion.

What were your thoughts watching the premiere? Did it live up to your expectations? How do you feel about Cary’s predicament? Do you think he’s guilty? What do you think Peter’s reasons for his reaction to Eli asking Alicia to run for office are? Any ideas or theories about the intern?

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