General Hospital Promo: Halloween Week Brings Shockers, Thrillers and a Franco Weddding to Remember

General Hospital celebrates Halloween this week and it’s going to be one hell of a ride! With a wedding and possible kidnapping on the horizon, just what kind of madness will our Port Charles favorites have to endure?

Halloween has become a special time of the year for GH since head writer Ron Carlivati came on board. In 2012, the return of AJ began with him lurking around town in a mask. Last year, Robin escaped captivity at Wyndemere to attend the Halloween party at the hospital, where she ran into daughter Emma, husband Patrick and his then-fiancée Sabrina; Julian put the moves on Carly and the push-pull of Nikolas, Britt and Elizabeth further complicated their tension.

This year, Halloween lays the groundwork for a series of big story points that lead into November sweeps. Sam and Patrick’s fun night with their children takes a downturn when Sam learns bad news about Danny. Will Silas come up with another protocol to save Sam’s son? Will the family crisis lead to a reunion for Julian and Alexis?

Franco puts forth his plan to destroy Sonny and Carly by not only revealing their affair, but Sonny’s role in the murder of AJ Quartermaine. Meanwhile, Nina hunts Ava Jerome with plans to steal her baby. Morgan confronts Sonny about Ava and a major secret is revealed.

It’s a week not to miss!