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General Hospital Spoilers: October 27, 2014 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Michael shares his suspicions with Sonny; Tracy is anxious about Luke; Franco and Scott bond; Josslyn and Spencer team up. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 27, 2014.

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

While Franco continues to tease Carly about his wedding surprise, Shawn begins to setup Heather. Sonny and Shawn are puzzled by Franco’s latest actions. In light of some red flags, will Sonny tell Shawn to proceed in his plan to take down Franco?

Michael shares with Sonny that he suspects Ava murdered AJ. Later, Carly tries to persuade Michael not to continue his investigation. Anna cautions Sonny not to mess with Ava. Will Dante and Anna figure out who really murdered AJ?

Before the wedding, Carly has a girls’ night with Bobbie who continues to asks her if she is having any doubts. Meanwhile, Franco and Scott have their own father-son bachelor night. The morning of the wedding, Franco gets a conflicting update in regards to his strategy. Just as the guests start to arrive, Spencer shares a secret about Franco with Carly and  later a huge bombshell is revealed at the wedding.

Morgan gets a sense that someone is watching the Brownstone and decides to confront Sonny.  After Morgan corners him, Sonny loses his temper. Sonny decides to come clean with Morgan about what he did.

Trick or Treat

On Beggars’ Night, the Port Charles kids (along with Patrick and Sam) get dressed up in costumes to celebrate. Josslyn looks to Spencer to help get her out of Carly and Franco’s wedding. Returning the favor, Josslyn decides to team up with Spencer in his latest attempt to break up Emma and Cameron.

After gaining some interesting information regarding Ava’s baby, Nina and Madeline prepare their ambush. Will Nina’s latest trick send her officially off the rails?

Also this week

Tracy is anxious to discover if Luke has returned and Sam updates Patrick about the latest information regarding Luke. Later Sam receives some terrible news and calls Silas.

  • Jake and Liz continue to grow closer.
  • Nathan and Maxie seek advice from Diane regarding their predicament.
  • Jordan and Shawn have another tense encounter about TJ.
  • Both Shawn and Jordan find themselves in an unexpected peril.
  • Kiki tells Michael another lie.
  • Despite their differences, Julian and Alexis race to comfort Sam.


Source Sneak Peek: November 3

Silas and Nathan continue to search for Nina. Ava runs into someone threatening. Franco’s actions continue to be unpredictable. Could Anna and Duke’s relationship be in trouble?

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