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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: ‘Let’s Get Scooping’


Week Three of How To Get Away With Murder picks right back up in the past with more gross revelations concerning Sam’s murder, Annalise trying to get Rebecca free on bail, why I don’t know, because she’s pretty annoying when allowed out among the people.  Most importantly, Annalise discovers a smoking gun (so to speak) of Sam’s involvement with Lila.

The Case

Marin (Elizabeth Perkins) is accused of insider trading after building up her company from the ground floor, and Annalise is an old friend. So naturally, Marin has Annalise on the case to figure out who is plotting against her. Consequently, Annalise sends the kids to figure out who in Marin’s company is out to get her. As usual, Asher has the tact of an elephant in a fine china store, while Laurel tries to get a feel for her suspect. Not surprisingly, Connor bangs Marin’s assistant to get info about him and Michaela fumbles around trying to outsmart the company smarty pants. What was surprising for Connor, however, was his forethought to bug the assistant’s phone. Turns out, the assistant was fed up with Marin being his life for the last eight years. Real talk, I was laughing so damn hard when Marin took off her shoe to chuck it at the assistant while she was lambasting him for selling him out. Then he took a header out of the office window, and Connor and I both looked horrified. RIP Paxton.

Annalise and kids delve into other employees of Marin’s company, and manage to get the co-conspirators to out themselves and go directly to jail. Basically, Annalise teaches the kids how to have a Matlock moment and it’s fun. Well, as much fun as Annalise has with her students. Side note, I’d be ok with Marin coming back for future cases, she’s a trip and Elizabeth and Viola play well off each other.

Sam’s Murder and The Kids

In flashbacks, we learn that Rebecca was actually in the office with all the kids EXCEPT Asher. This fool was outside arguing to get into the house, while the other ones hid from him with Sam’s freshly murdered body next to them. Also, after they burned Sam’s corpse, they had to dismember and store it in garbage bags. That’s gross. Like super gross. Connor is also well on his way to have having a mental breakdown after getting rid of Sam’s body when he shows up at Oliver’s apartment in present.

The Coed’s Murder

Annalise is hard at work trying to get Rebecca out on bail, while she sits there like a catatonic  bump on a log in court. Because Wes is Wes, and the one who talked to Rebecca about Lila’s boyfriend pinning the entire murder on her, he’s banned from all future contact.  Annalise is not having him open his mouth and insert his foot again, and I don’t blame her. He has an unhealthy attachment to Rebecca, the wet blanket.

In other news, Nate is still investigating Sam for his shady relationship with Lila and we know this because Sam stumbles upon Nate just finishing up breaking into his car to check his GPS for previous trips.  It’s pretty awkward, because Nate knows who Sam is while Sam has absolutely no idea. And in the shadows sits Bonnie watching the whole scene play out. First of all, WHY is she there just chillin and watching Sam? That’s defcon 2 stalker level. On the flip side, Bonnie is able to blackmail the police with info that their detective is investigating someone else for Lila’s murder while the ADA is prosecuting Rebecca for it.  In a quid pro quo (I had to bust out the latin for this show) move, Bonnie gets ahold of a dvd showing Rebecca’s interview with the police where she “confessed” to murdering Lila. Annalise brings it to the courts to demonstrate how the police coerced her, and she manages to get Rebecca’s bail reduced. Meanwhile, Wes has been working with Laurel and her new boyfriend on raising money for Rebecca’s bail, so she gets to go home that evening.

Here’s where things get amazing. Wes finally convinces Rebecca to give him the passcode to Lila’s phone and shockingly he turns the information directly over to Annalise. I promise you, the only reason Wes didn’t hang onto it was because he didn’t realize the bomb he was holding. Even I wouldn’t hold it against Wes to keep this info for a rainy day. Annalise does realize the consequences of the evidence though, and it’s HUGE. (See what I did there?) Anyway, Annalise makes her way upstairs and goes through her nightly routine of removing her jewelry including her wedding band, and makeup, and wig. You know things are serious when she takes off her wig. Of course, Sam comes home and starts getting ready for bed, and Annalise quietly asks, “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” This escalated quickly. Sam, you just got busted by your wife finding pictures of your junk on Lila’s phone. Things are not going to go well the rest of the evening.

I can’t express how much I love this show. It’s like the offspring of the movie Memento, and the board game, Clue. I’m a sucker for a good mystery, and the flashbacks and flahsforwards keep me on my toes….or make me rewatch to catch all the things I missed.  While ABC was promoting “What are the last nine words?” said by Annalise as the must see moment, it was actually Viola’s scenes right before when she took off Annalise’s armor of on point makeup, perfect jewelry, and her straight fake hair that was the must see moment. Viola conveyed every single emotion of rage, resignation, loss, and overwhelming vulnerability without saying a single word. That’s how you win an Emmy. Just ask Julianna Marguiles.

One last note: I still can’t tell if Annalise wants to mother, bang, or murder Wes. It’s creepy and disturbing and I can’t stop watching their scenes.

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