‘The Good Wife’ Review: ‘Old Spice’


Pay no mind to me in the glass case of emotion over here, thanks to this week’s episode of The Good Wife (we will get into the why behind that later). While this show continues to prove that it is the best written drama on television, we are now left forever changed. I feel like I can speak for us all when I say that we will never again come across baby lotion, Old Spice or the song “Call Me Maybe” and not think of Elsbeth Tascioni.

In my opinion, “Old Spice” was a rather entertaining hour. Filled with moments that made us laugh, others that made us cringe and one that made us cry, I am reminded once again, why I adore this show so much. While I could go on about every single thing in this episode (fair warning, there may be gushing over a certain moment later), let’s briefly look at some of the key happenings.

Alicia, God and her Body woman

Continuing to feed that little monster inside of me that is having a difficult time digesting ‘politician Alicia’, she has to meet with Pastor Jeremiah and under the direction of Elfman, say she has ‘changed’ and is no longer an atheist. Alicia’s atheism and the ease in which she shares this fact, has always been one of my favorite things about her and religion in politics has always been a thorn in my side. I will just leave it at that and hope I made sense. However, thanks to the topic of religion arising again, we received another adorable MommyAlicia moment with Grace. When she kissed her mother’s forehead? Heart melted. In the end, it seemed that Alicia, pretending she is something she is not, won over Pastor Jeremiah. But, did he really have to bring up Will? Ouch. Did anyone else want to reach out and hug Alicia? Her face.

Whoever is responsible for appointing Marissa as Alicia’s ‘body woman’? Please reveal yourself so that I know who to send a basket of mini muffins to. Marissa is her father’s child, completely. Therefore her interactions with Alicia and Elfman coupled with her lack of filter are pure gold. Pun absolutely intended. I only hope that this was not a one off and we are blessed with even more of her in future episodes.

Elsbeth, Perotti and baby lotion

Oh for the love of everything in that adorable head of hers, please have Elsbeth come back for more episodes soon. Such a relief to have her and Alicia on the same side this time around. Josh Perotti obsessing over how she smelled, which ended up being baby lotion and her doing the same over him (Old Spice in this case)? Hilarious. She was smelling a bottle of Old Spice in court! Elsbeth dancing to “Call Me Maybe” is something I never knew I needed in my life and now I require it on loop. Don’t even get me started on their love scene. However, while it’s hard to pick a favorite moment whenever Elsbeth is involved, I think I can easily say it was when she recorded Perotti. It made me smile (In case anyone doesn’t remember, she did the same thing in “A Few Words” last season to help Will).

tgw-606-02Diane, Kalinda and Lyman

How much did I love David Lee getting served with that eviction notice? A LOT. Granted, he and Canning did fight it and Diane fought back with Kalinda’s assistance. When they reminded her of an amendment in the lease requiring that she be on the premises physically, she almost resigned to the fact that she had lost since she had been gone for four weeks. Then Kalinda pointed out that there was a way to fight it since the amendment required a partner from Florrick/Agos as an occupant, not Diane specifically. Enter Howard Lyman. After meeting with and convincing him to join her came another of my favorite moments of the episode. “It’s your final eviction notice. You have 24 hours.” Boom.

Cary, Alcohol and State Lines

Now we come to the only thing I did not like, Cary getting arrested again. Why? Arriving home drunk with a random girl, he finds his pretrial services officer, Joy Grubick waiting to conduct a spot check. And boy was he surprised. Requesting proof that he did not drive, she discovered that he crossed state lines, which violated the terms of his bail. It’s one of those things where, you know it makes sense and you are sure there is a reason for it, but you just wonder why do it to begin with? Honestly, everything Cary-related was just weird and out of place in this episode. One can’t help but wonder if this was just a way to fit the obligatory Finn scene in this week.

Alicia, Diane and Will

The final two minutes of this episode were not only unexpected, but also what I have been hoping would happen for awhile now. Having won the battle over her old offices, Diane, along with Alicia, arrived at Lockhart, Gardner & Canning (I’ll have you all know that I had to rewatch the scene, because I was so floored to see what I envisioned in my head taking place onscreen that I missed the state the offices were left in). When the elevator doors opened and Alicia and Diane stepped out of it, my tears started to fall (they may or may not be falling again as I type this). As they approached the offices that belonged to Diane and Will, I was sobbing. “Guess this is you and me.” YES.

I can’t even convey what I was feeling during their scene outside of his office; just know that I was a mess. I loved how Diane got all maternal and told Alicia to take her office. She knew how hard it would be for her to be in his. Of course she did. When Alicia turned her down and they both turned to enter their respective offices, my heart was ready to burst. However, Diane watching as Alicia tentatively made her way to Will’s chair and sat in it? Their teary eye contact, small smiles and nods? That, my friends, is when I entered the glass case of emotion. Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski: Queens of saying everything that needs to be said, without uttering a single syllable. Phenomenal, heartbreaking and beautifully played by both.

Oops, I lied. That wasn’t brief. Damn this show! Hitting me right in the feels and then I can’t shut up about it. How did you feel about this episode? I would love to hear your thoughts, so, hit that comment box!

Chrissie Ortiz
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